Google+ Actions

This documentation covers how Google+ Actions work.

Applications that support Google+ actions:

+1 a Page

This Google +1 action has now been retired & replaced the by the Google+ Visit action.

+1 a Page

Visit a Page

This action incentivizes a user to check out your Google+ page, you can optionally ask the user to +1 or Follow you once they have already visited.

Please note, we do not award any entries for +1's or Follows (as this is against G+ guidelines), they are completely optional on the users part.

Public View

To complete the first step that awards the user their action, they simply need to click to get redirected to your Google+ page (where they can absorb all your wonderful content).

That then unlocks the secondary step asking for an optional +1 or Follow, the user is free to completely skip this step if they wish.