Adding a Website to Gleam

In order to use our apps you will need to add a site to your account. You should have already added a site during signup which will be your default.

Introduction to Sites

Imagine a site is its own self contained area within Gleam. Each site has its own:

  • Users - Users that interact with Gleam are site specific, this means you get a view of which users interact most with your campaigns.
  • Branding Templates - Each site has its own unique branding template, this means you can design the look & feel of widgets, emails or hosted landing pages.
  • Notifications - If your account allows you to send new competition or reward notifications these are site specific.
  • Integrations - Integrations are site specific, for example connecting Mailchimp or another email provider.
  • Tracking - Just like Google Analytics we keep tracking specific to a single site.

You should not attempt to mix competitions or rewards from multiple sites together, unless you are happy with the above.

How Many Sites Do I Need?

This is a very common question that comes up, as naturally you want to run your campaigns in the most cost efficient way possible.

Firstly, Gleam does allow you to run unlimited campaigns under a single site, they can be:

  • Embedded on multiple domains
  • Installed on multiple Facebook pages

So if you want to use a single site for all you campaigns then you are most welcome to do it that way.

You will need to be aware that there are a few limitations to doing it this way:

  • All your campaigns will share a common branding on landing pages (you can enable or disable this by removing the branding under Site Settings)

  • All your campaigns will share a common branding on notification emails (same as above)

  • You will share Integrations, so if you have a default integration enabled there's a possibility that you may accidentally start sending emails to the wrong list or customer
  • You mix up the data, if you use the Users tab you suddenly have data mashed together from all clients
  • You can't use the Promote feature, as you'll be sending promotional emails to all your clients entrants instead of just the client the campaign is for

Adding multiple sites allows you to have a completely separate workspace for each brand.

Adding More Sites

Gleam makes it easy to switch add more sites. To add a new site simply click the dropdown in the left and navigation & select "Add Site"

Paid plans are site specific, this means if you have multiple sites then you must pay separately for each upgrade (under the Plans section in the left hand navigation).

Site Creation & Branding Options

When you add a new site you have the following options:

  • Site Name: The name of your site (i.e. Amazon).
  • Site URL: The URL of your site (i.e.
  • Reply-to Address: If you add this we will allow users to respond directly to you on any emails we send.
  • Logo: This logo is used in branded emails & also the hosted landing pages. It is best to use a transparent PNG.
  • Email Header Color: If you add a logo you'll need to change the color of your email header to suit, this will also set the default color of your landing page backgrounds.
  • Custom CSS: On the Business plan you have the ability to add global styles to the widget here. This will be reflected in any campaign you create.

Gleam has default branding on the free plan that cannot be changed, upgrading to Pro will allow you to add your own branding then further upgrading to business will allow you to completely remove any references to Gleam in the emails & widget.

Example Branded Email

Example Hosted Landing Page With Branded Logo

If you add a logo in the site branding options it will also show on all your Gleam hosted landing pages.

Adding Background Images to Landing Pages

If you'd like to add a background in the image you see above to your landing pages then you can set that during the installation of your campaign. See the Add Custom Background Image option, you will need to be on Pro or above for this to be active. For best results use images that are 1024x1024 or more.

You can see how a great background below can really bring life to the landing page & ensures the theme of your contest resonates with your branding:

Branding Options

Free Branding

By default all your campaigns will contain Gleam branding inside the widget, on landing pages, in Facebook & also in the emails we send to users.

Pro Branding

Upgrading to Pro will allow you to control the branding on your landing pages and emails. Users will still see the Powered By Gleam branding in the footer of the widget.

Removing Gleam Branding

Business Plan users have the ability to remove all Gleam branding from the widget & emails. This will happen automatically when you upgrade.

White Labelling

The Business plan offers the ability to white label the widget, however this may not be sufficient for those that want to remove any instances of Gleam from the code or add custom social authentications.

We offer a couple of options in this scenario for agencies or Enterprise:

Contact Sales