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Setting Up Capture

Capture is one of our easiest apps to get setup with and installed. Once simple line of code added to your site gives you the power to add opt-in forms that get triggered from rules that you setup.

Capture Overview

Every business collects emails, it's still one of the most powerful communication mediums around. Email gives you a direct one to one communication with your customer. You can use email to send newsletters, product updates, special offers or announcements.

However many businesses lack the proper ability to collect emails from their customers. They also lack the ability to test new ideas and try different messaging against certain types of customers based on their behaviours.

That's where Capture comes in. We make it incredibly easy to build beautiful opt-in forms that you can setup to appear on your own terms. What's more, these forms sync with most of the major email platforms - which means you don't even have to worry about involving your tech team. Just install our tracking script and get testing.

Installing Capture On Your Site(s)

We've built Capture to be very easy to install on your site. All that is required is to paste a single line of Javascript into your websites template.

You can grab instructions by clicking the Get Install Code button at the top of the Captures tab.

Once this code is installed on your site you can completely control all your Captures from within the Gleam interface. This means you can test as many ideas as you want without technical help.

Creating Your First Capture

Please note that for the purpose of the Capture BETA you must be using one of our supported email integration providers.

Simply head over to the Captures tab in your left hand menu and click the green New Capture button at the top right.

Capture Templates

We have created a number of templates that you can use out of the box. These require no design skills and can be implemented onto your site instantly.

Pinned Top Bar

Box With Image

Box With Text

Pinned Bottom Box

Popup With Image

Popup With Text

Template Setup Options


Use this option if you just want to capture email addresses without a name attached to them.

This would allow you to do things like:

  • Get more users onto your email list
  • Popup a special offer when users visit your site for the first time
  • Popup a coupon code when users are about to leave your site
  • Allow users to register for a Webinar with just their email address
  • Allow users to access whitepapers or other content
  • Personalised popups based on which social network the user arrives from

Name + Email

Use this option is you want to also capture a name + an email address.


This is a powerful feature that is often overlooked, but if you use Captures for clicks it opens up possibilities for personalisation on your site. For example you could use it to:

  • Alert users that you ship to certain countries
  • Let users know when a product is out of stock
  • Let users know when there's a sale on
  • Redirect users to your competition
  • Let users know you support a certain language

Behavioural Rules

What use is a popup form if you can't determine who sees it? Whilst you can always just popup the same form to every user, you have much more chance to convert when your message is targeted.

That's where our rules come in. Rules allow you to setup triggers that a user must completed before they see (or don't see your capture template).

Each rule sits under a number of different categories:


By default we add two exclude rules to newly created Captures. You can remove these, but they are there to ensure you don't potentially annoy visitors with Captures that keep showing all the time.

Existing Subscribers

The Existing Subscriber rule ensures that if someone has completed this Capture or any other Capture on your site that it won't trigger for them again. Please note, this only works for subscribers that we are aware of, not previous subscribers before you started using Capture.

Closed Capture

The Closed Capture rule sets a cookie that prevents the capture opening for users again if they have purposely closed it.

Exclude if Visited URL


On Exit

The On Exit rule allows you to show Captures when a user is indicating that they are about to leave your site.

Scrolled % Of Page

The Scrolled % Of Page rule allows you to only show a specific capture once a user has scrolled down a certain % of the page. Perfect for articles, blog posts or longform content.


You can hide captures and just trigger them manually with this rule. Just a note, that you must save the rules first, then go back to grab the code to trigger.

You can see it in action if you click the Get our latest posts via email here on our Blog.

Times Shown

The Times Shown rules allows you to determine how often a capture gets shown to a user, you can set it per visit or ever.



Can Display After Closed Captures

This rule allows you to trigger more than 1 capture of the same type on the same page. Say for example you want to pop up on when someone hits the page, then another when someone is about to exit.


New Visitor

The New Visitor rule will only popup captures to users that haven't visited your site before. Do not combine this rule with Returning or it will not work.

Returning Vistor

The Returning visitor rule will only popup captures to users that have visited your site before. Do not combine this rule with New or it will not work.

Time On Site

Use this rule to show a capture after a user has spent a certain amount of time on your site.

Time On Page

Use this rule to show a capture after a user has spent a certain amount of time on your page.


Use this rule to show a capture after a user has viewed a certain number of pages on your site.

Visited x Times

Use this rule to show to users who have previously viewed x pages on your site.



You can limit Captures to specific countries, this allows you to really tailor messaging based on where in the world your visitors come from.

For example, we use this to let users from certain countries know that we support their language in our competitions widget.


You can limit Captures to specific browser languages too.





Direct Traffic

This rule allows you to popup Captures if the traffic source is direct, this means that the user comes to your site withour any referrer.

Referring Domain

The Referring Domain rule allows you to show Captures based on the referring domain. For example, show a specific Capture for referrals, or even referrals from your blog.

Past Referring Domain

The Past Referring Domain rule allows you to show a capture based on a domain that they have come to your site from in the past.

Current URL

The Current URL rule allows you to display a capture based on the current URL that the user is on. This is perfect to show a Capture on a specific page or section of your site.

Visited URL

The Visited URL rule allows you to display a capture based on the previously visited page on your site.

Query String

The Query rule allows you to display a capture based on a query string in the URL. For example if you use utm tags in Google Analytics, or even other query strings.

Past Query String

The Query rule allows you to display a capture based on previous query strings in the URL.

Cookie Match



Operating System


Ad Blocker

Split Test

Custom Split Test


Capture currently integrates with more than 30 different email service providers. You are able to add multiple email providers to a capture, and you can also setup independant settings for each Capture if you wish.

It's recommended that you setup your default email provider settings in Settings > Integrations, this means you won't have to re-enter your credentials every time you create a new capture.

Sending data to email providers is near real-time, so you should see contacts appear within a minute.


Help! My Capture Doesn't Show

There's a few things that you can do to troubleshoot your Capture not showing.

Debugging Rules

We have a nifty rule debugging script that's automatically built in once you install Capture. Simply add #rule-debug to the end of any URL on your website.

Common issues include:

  • Not having the tracking code installed on your site
  • Not having the Capture enabled
  • You've already triggered the Capture and closed it previously. It's recommended to test in a private (or incognito) window
  • You have conflicting rules, for example a user can't be New and Returning at the same time

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