Competition Reporting

Competition reporting, understand your competition reporting

In order to understand how well your campaign is performing we provide a number of ways to look at incoming data and also aggegrate everything into easy to understand reports.

Actions Tab

Your Actions tab shows a real-time view all all Actions that are being completed in your campaign, it will show you a detailed view of the User and the Action being completed.

Gleam interface showing actions tab
  • Who: This shows who completed the action, along with the information the user has agreed to share with you.
  • Action: The Action being completed by the user
  • Details: Any information submitted by the user via the User Details form or for that specific action. This can include things like the Tweet URL, @profile, photos, videos and also any Custom Fields
  • Where: The location of the user
  • When: The time of entry (this shows your local time which is controlled in your user settings)
  • Worth: The number of entries this Action is worth, you can configure this during setup
  • Status: Actions can have 3 statuses - Valid, Invalid and Winner

In exports the each individual line in the Details column will have its own individual column in the CSV.

Common Reporting Terms

Before we jump into the Reporting it's important to understand some of the terminology used so you can make sense of things.

  • Impressions: This is a count of the individual number of times a user has viewed the campaign. It will only count 1 view per user per 24 hours
  • Actions: Actions are individual entry methods inside your campaign, when one is completed we consider it as an Action completed
  • Entries: Actions can have a value of more than 1, this means that Entries equate to Actions complete x Entry Worth.
  • Users: The number of unique users that have entered your campaign
  • Conversion Rate: This is the percentage of users that have entered your campaign after viewing it (the platform average is ~34%)
  • Events: These are optional metrics outside what you're directly incentivizing in the campaign (i.e. Facebook Likes)

Reporting Tab

Gleam interface showing reporting tab

The Reporting tab offers a visual representation of your campaign from the start to the end. You can also use the date range dropdown at the top right of the report to refine the range of the graph for closer analysis.


Gleam interface showing actions tab

The Actions tab inside reporting shows you a breakdown of the Actions completed by users by volume in descending order.

This report can help you identify poorly converting Actions or potential blocks in the flow for users


Gleam interface showing events tab

The Events tab helps keep track of certain metrics that are recorded outside the typical Actions. This includes things like clicks on Facebook Like buttons etc.

Viral Share

Gleam interface showing viral share tab

The Viral Share report shows a more specific breakdown of how well the Viral Share Action is performing and also show you who your most prolific sharers are.

  • Viral Share Clicks: This shows how much traffic Viral Sharers have sent to your campaign by sharing via the various sources you've configured during campaign setup
  • Successful Viral Sharers: How many Users have entered the campaigns as a direct result of a Viral Share
  • Viral Conv. Rate: The Conversion Rate of Clicks to Users (if this is low then it's an indication that the audience isn't resonating with the shares)

You can also limit the number of maximum Viral Shares inside the campaign which can skew this reporting, daily actions may also do the same.

Top Users

Gleam interface showing top users tab

If you need to see a breakdown of which users have the most entries then you can use this tab, this can be useful if you're running a campaign that requires you to know who the top users are to award prizes.


Gleam interface showing referrers tab

Referrer reporting is a feature available to all business customers which allows you to see which landing page & referring sources are driving traffic and conversions for your campaign.

You can use this report to track down valuable traffic sources, partner activity on campaigns via query strings or specific landing pages on certain domains.


Gleam interface showing locations reporting tab

Location reporting provides you with a breakdown of which countries users are entering your campaign from.

This report shows the countries that the most users have entered your campaign from in descending order.

You can see the total number of users that have entered your campaign from each country, as well as the percentage of total users entering from each country.