Gleam Frequently Asked Questions

Gleam FAQ, frequently asked questions

Welcome to the Gleam FAQ, here we aim to answer many of the burning questions you might have about the platform. If there's something that isn't covered or we've missed then we also have a public chatroom for customers (just click the Support icon in the left sidebar) that you can come into between 9am - 5pm AEST Monday -> Friday, or if we're not available you can submit a support ticket and we'll get back to you ASAP.

General FAQ

This section will answer some general questions about Gleam. You can find some frequently asked question about specific apps in the sidebar.

What Is Gleam?

Gleam is a growth marketing platform, we help businesses run engaging campaigns to attract new and retain existing customers.

Founded in Melbourne, Australia - Gleam was first launched in October 2013:

  • To date we have driven over 1.8Bn+ actions across 500k+ campaigns
  • We're completely bootstrapped and never taken any outside funding, we are 100% focused on Gleam
  • Our team is fully remote and works from all over the world
  • Over 20,000+ brands use the platform every month
  • On average our platform drives 1.4 actions for every impression a campaign gets
  • The average conversion rate for a Gleam campaign is 34%
  • Gleam is self service with no fluff, there's no big contracts with account managers or sales people
  • Just signup and jump into our Guides

Actions are individual tasks or entries completed inside a campaign. It could be a newsletter signup, a follow on a social channel or a user answering a question.

Our Apps

Gleam is made up of a number of different apps that you can build campaigns on:

  • Capture: Create opt-in forms that get triggers by user behaviour, then send the subscriber straight to 20+ supported email providers.
  • Competitions: Beautiful combinations with an almost unlimited number of ways to craft how you want people to enter.
  • Gallery: Build social media galleries that can be fed UGC from competitions, rewards, hashtags or other sources like Facebook posts.
  • Rewards: Let users unlock a reward for completing some predefined actions. An example here might be a coupon code for joining your newsletter or a game key for joining your group on Steam.

What Are The Business Benefits?

Gleam is incredibly easy to use whether you're a small business or a large corporate, you can craft your campaigns to align directly with the objectives you might have.

Here's a few examples:

Do You Have Any Case Studies?

We currently have 15 case studies and 50+ Positive Shopify reviews. We also often tweet about customer success, so following us on Twitter is a great way to see that.

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Do You Support Other Languages?

The entire Gleam application is written in English, we do however have widget translations for a number of languages:

Freeform action types are not translated, this means that if you can control the text yourself on an action it will always be in English unless you add the text you want.

Gleam interface showing subscribe to youtube channel tab

If you require a language that currently isn't supported we have a number of options to include it in the app.

What Level of Support Do You Provide?

Gleam is a self-service platform, as such we provide technical support for issues and queries for all customers depending on your Plan.

Free: 24-Hour Email Support
Pro: 12-Hour Email Support
Business & Premium: Priority Email Support

Will You Build My Campaign For Me?

We don't currently offer a managed service for building campaigns, our focus is entirely on the product to enable you to execute awesome campaigns.

We are happy to offer advice, tips or feedback on your own campaign builds. Just submit a support ticket with questions or concerns before you go live 🖖

Have More Questions?

Can't find the answers in our FAQ or Guides? Just use the button below to get in touch and we'll try our best to help 🚀