Gleam Competitions FAQ

Below are some common questions about running competitions, if there's something here that isn't mentioned you should also check out how to create a competition & also look at the instructions for the various action types on the left of this page.

Which Social Networks Do You Integrate With?

You can see a list on our integrations page. Then you can see all of the action types we support in the left menu ☺

Which Email Providers Do You Integrate With?

We support over 35+ different email providers which you can see on our integrations page.

What If My Email Provider Isn't Supported?

Unfortunately it's not possible to support every provider. We keep an active list of the most requested integrations and will prioritise those that our customers are asking for.

On higher plans we can provide access to our Webhooks, this would allow you to take data directlly from Gleam and build your own integration with an unsupported email provider.

We also offer the option of paying for the development work required to integrate your email provider. This will bump the integration to the top of the queue.

What Are Verified Actions / Entries?

Where possible Gleam always attempts to track whather or not a user has completed the action that is required.

This means that you end up getting much more qualified data as part of your campaigns & don't have hundreds of entries that haven't completed the action you asked them to.

There are a few networks that we currently can't automatically verify actions: LinkedIn, YouTube and Snapchat.

What Are Custom Actions?

Gleam has a huge amount of pre-built actions that are integrated with various API's or social networks. However you may find you want to ask users to do something that we don't fully support, for example "Write a Review on Trip Advisor."

Custom actions allow you to build these non-standard actions and choose various ways for you to verify that a user has completed them.

Get more information and learn how to setup custom actions.

Example below (with Trip Advisor setup):

Do You Integrate With Wordpress?

Yes, there's a Gleam Wordpress plugin that allows you to easily add competitions to your blog using the shortcode below:

[gleam url=""]Your Competition Name[/gleam]

The URL in the shortcode must be the URL of your Gleam hosted landing page.

Gleam Stops Working In Wordpress When I Save A Post

If you add our widget to Wordpress in HTML mode, then switch to visual mode it will strip out vital parts of the code & prevent it from working.

In order to prevent this we recommend installing the Preserved HTML Editor Markup plugin.

If you are simply previewing a post on Wordpress, it's recommended that you save it first. Otherwise the widget may only display as a text link.

Does Gleam Work With

Unfortunately not. does not allow you to add any Javascript inside posts, therefore you would be unable to embed the Gleam widget.

As an alternative many users will create a button or a banner then link to the Gleam hosted landing page from the post, the advantage of this is that this page is fully optimised for mobile users.

Will Gleam Slow my Site Down?

Gleam's overlay & widget loads asynchronously which means no matter how long our script takes to load, it will never slow your page down. We serve our widgets through a high speed (Content Delivery Network), which gives us low latency across the entire world & we also use caching to ensure the experience of your entrants is as fast as possible.

Is Gleam Optimised For Mobile Devices?

Yes, we do a number of things to ensure the Gleam experience is optimised across mobile.

Embedded Widget

Making an embedded widget work perfectly on mobile devices is extremely difficult. You have two options when embedding your competition. You can choose to let mobile users see the widget embedded on the page as normal.

The minimum width that the widget will be responsive to in 320px.

Or you can choose to show a button that takes a user our Gleam mobile optimised landing page.

You can disable the button by deselecting the option during setup, this adds a no-button class to the embed code:

<a class="e-widget no-button" href="" rel="nofollow">Gleam Demo Competition</a>
<script type="text/javascript" src="" async="true"></script>

But The Widget Sticks Out Of The Screen?

This can happen if your responsive page has margins on either side of the widget.

For example, the widget is designed to fit perfectly into a 320px wide screen, but if you add 10px margin on either side, the widget can't be 300px to accommodate.

Therefore you end up having part of the widget getting cut off due to the margins.

Mobile Landing Pages

Our default Gleam hosted landing pages are fully optimised for mobile devices, this means that they will fill the width of the screen on mobile mobiles & tablets.

Mobile on Facebook

You can read more about how we do smart Facebook Tab detection in this blog post.

How do I Change The Width of The Widget?

The widget will automatically adjust depending on the size of the container you embed it in.

Normal Width: 540px Minimum Width: 400px

If you put the widget in a container that is smaller than 400px wide then we automatically turn it into a button which takes the user to the designated landing page:

You can disable the button from appearing completely by unticking the Take users to a mobile optimised landing page option during setup or adding no-button on the embed class.

How Do I Add My Own Branding?

On all free accounts we include Gleam branding on our landing pages & emails:

In order to remove the default Gleam branding you must upgrade to a Pro account. This will also allow you to style your landing pages & emails with your own branding & logos.

If you upgrade to a Business account you will then have the ability to remove any Gleam branding from the footer of the widget.

Here's an example:

Can I Change The Look & Feel of The Widget?

The business plan offers the ability to add Custom CSS to the Gleam widgets. You can apply the custom widget styles in your Site Settings & they will cascade down to all your campaigns.

Otherwise you also have the ability to apply styles at a campaign level.

If I Rename a Campaign Will it Still Work?

If you rename a campaign after you have already installed or embedded it will continue to work.

This is because even though the link to the campaign changes we mostly use the key in the URL to identify it.

How do I Delete a Site?

You can only delete empty sites, which means you will need to delete any live campaigns first. Once you have done this, you will see a Delete button on the Site dropdown in the left sidebar menu. We do this to prevent users from accidentally deleting their sites.

How do I Delete a Campaign?

If you have an active campaign, you will need to bulk delete all the Actions from that campaign before you can delete it. Once you have done this you will see a Delete button appear at the top of the Campaign. You can only delete it from the Preview tab, we do this to prevent users from accidentally deleting their campaigns.

What Does Mandatory Mean?

If you make an action type mandatory then it means that must be completed before the rest are unlocked.

You can see an example below:

Can I Change The Mandatory Text?

You have the ability to change the mandatory text on the business or agency plan. Just submit a support ticket with what you would like.

Can I Host My Competition On Facebook

At heart Gleam is designed to help you run competitions or rewards in as many places as possible. We have a native integration with Facebook, you can simply choose to publish any competition or reward on your Facebook page in a few sections.

How Should I Share My Competition On Facebook?

Facebook Tabs are not supported on mobile devices, this means if you share the direct link to the app Gleam creates then those users will see this:

To avoid this Gleam has a solution called Smart Links. This link gets generated once you successfully install a competition to Facebook:

You should be sharing this link inside any Facebook posts you make to maximize the amount of users that can enter your competition.

Where Can I Embed Competitons

It's our aim to make the integration of Gleam as smooth as possible no matter where you want to run it.

HTML Widget: We have widget that allows you to embed your competition into any page that supports HTML. This could be a blog post, static page or wherever else you can think of. Right now we do not support the ability to embed competitions within Facebook, however this functionality is coming. If you are a Shopify user you can automatically embed Gleam inside a page during install (provided you have added the Gleam Shopify App).

Javascript Overlay (Business Plan): When you create a competition you also have the option to style your activation button (you can see ours at the bottom of all pages). Users can click this then enter the competition from any page you include the javascript snippet on. You can also automatically trigger this overlay by using #gleam as the link.

The beauty of this flexibility means that you can create your own competition landing pages then trigger Gleam on a button, or however you want.

Facebook: You have the option to embed automatically in Facebook during installation.

What Data Do I Have Access To On The Free Plan?

On the free plan you only get access to contact information of winners picked via the Winners tab. This data will be obscured elsewhere in the app, including if you try to collect email addresses via a custom action.

Will Upgrading Unlock Existing Data?

Yes, upgrading to any paid plan will unlock data from your active and finished campaigns.

Can I Export My Data?

You have the option to export individual actions for a competition using the export button at the top right of the actions tab.

You also have the ability to export your user information using the export button at the top right of the Users tab in the sidebar.

How do I Add a Link in my Competitions?

Most entry methods accept normal HTML, which means you can add a link like this:

<a href="">Link Text</a>

How do I Add Buttons in my Competitions?

Our WYSIWYG editor has a Button builder that you can use to craft a range of clickable buttons.

What Happens If I Remove an Entry Type or Action After a Contest is Live?

If that entry method has had no actions then nothing will happen it will just be replaced with the new one or removed.

However, if that entry method has had 100 completions already, then actions will continue to count & you will see "Deleted entry method" in your reporting.

Can I Pause An Existing Contest?

Yes, to do this you will need to change the start date to a date later than today. This will maintain all the existing entries & prevent people from entering during the pause period.

Can I Change The Dates On A Contest?

Yes, simply edit and change the dates. You can extend or shorten a contest at your leisure.

Can I End A Contest Early?

Yes, simply change the end date to whenever you want to contest to end & save.

Can I Hide The Total Entries?

You sure can, there's a checkbox on the Pro Plan when setting up a competition to Hide the total entry count.

Can I Hide The Login Buttons?

Absolutely, there's two ways to do this. You can remove all the possible login options during setup:

Or you can add the following CSS to the custom CSS box (Business users only):

.small-bar { display: none }

How Do I Sync With My Mail Provider?

You can use a Subscribe Action to sync with any of our support email providers.

How Do I Sync All Entrants With My Mail Provider?

Just make your Subscribe Action mandatory :)

What Do The Entry Confirmation Emails Look Like?

The example below shows what the entry confirmation emails look like on the free plan. With higher plans you can add your own branding.

I Didn't Get The Confirmation Email When Testing?

We automatically invalidate test entries and invalidated entries don't receive a confirmation email.

You'll need to go to the Actions tab of the campaign, look for your entry and mark it as Valid to trigger the confirmation email.

How Often Do You Send The Entry Confirmation Emails?

They currently rollup all the entries from the last 5 minutes, this means we don't send the user multiple emails per entry (which is pretty spammy).

Confirmation emails can take anywhere up to 10 minutes to be received.

Can I Turn Off The Entry Confirmation Emails?

Yes, there's an option during campaign setup to do this.

Do You Offer Custom Emails?

Yes, we offer the ability to send Custom Emails on the Business plan.

Can I Run Facebook Timeline Contests With Gleam?

Gleam is compatible with Facebook contests, however there's a few additional steps you need to take if you want to run timeline contests.

How Can I Promote My Competitions?

We offer a number of ways to help you get more visibility on your competitions:

Competition Alerts: Users that enter your competitions have the ability to opt-in for competition notifications. Business plan users have the option to email those instantly when you publish a new contest via the promote tab. The more competitions you run the bigger this list will grow.

Embedding: We make it super simple to embed & integrate your competition on any sites you control. Depending on the prizes we typically see anywhere from 1%-5% of website visitors entering a competition (which can increase dramatically if you enable viral sharing).

Social Sharing: You can incentivize users with additional entries for sharing your competition on social networks. If the prize resonates with that users followers then you're more likely to see viral uplift.

Promotion is often the most overlooked aspect of running a successful campaign. We've written an in-depth guide on how to promote your contests.

Disabled Promotions

You may come across certain promotions that say Promotion Disabled.

We work hard to ensure that the campaigns run on the Gleam platform are legitimate, from time to time we may disable a promotion and ask the campaign owner for verification that they will indeed fulfill the prize.

We use a number of methods to police this activity, and we also ask that if you think a campaign is suspicious then to get in touch.

Some of the common reasons that campaigns or accounts may become disabled (but not limited to):

  • We have reason to believe that the current prize is not being fufilled
  • If we believe that the user does not have sufficient business income to support the value of their prize or they are underage
  • Prior campaigns have not been drawn or announced or we're unable to find evidence of this
  • Campaigns are being created to profit from referral links and not provide value to the entrants
  • We have evidence that fake winners are being chosen and announced
  • Gleam is not being used to select random winners as per our Terms of Service
  • Using our Manual Winner option without sufficient reason to be picking manual winners
  • If we're unable to find specific items in online inventories (i.e. CSGO skins) or the user is unable to provide evidence of trades with winners
  • Campaigns with unrealistic targets for the Prize to be won (for example someone with 500 YouTube Subscribers only making the prize available when they hit 10k Subscribers)
  • Continually extending campaigns to avoid giving out prizes
  • Giving away items that specifically break the TOS of a 3rd party entity (i.e. Warez or Cracked Software)
  • Creating another Gleam account after a prior violation

Depending on the severity of the violation we will:

  • Ask for verification for specific campaigns to be provided within 72 hours
  • Disable the account, and the campaign owner will have 72 hours to provide evidence of any outstanding violations before full suspension
  • For severe violations the account may be fully suspended without notification

If you believe your campaign has been wrongly suspended then use our contact form to get in touch and include any details that might help your case.

We use a number of methods to police this activity, and we also ask that if you think a campaign is suspicious then to contact our compliance team.