Instagram Gallery Sources

This documentation covers the Gallery Import Sources that we support for Instagram. In order to use these import methods you must have a Instagram Business Profile.

Instagram Business Profile

Import owned media from your Instagram business profile into your Gallery, if you are a manager of multiple accounts you will be able to select the profile you'd like to import from.

Instagram Mentions

Mentions import allows you to import media that has directly @mentioned your Instagram Business Page in an Instagram Post.

Instagram @mention imports also allow you to filter imports by designated hashtags or words. This allows you to limit the images you accept to those tagged with a @mention and a #hashtag or word.

Adding a #hashtag filter to @mention imports makes it easier to import campaign specific submissions. This is now the optimal approach to running hashtag campaigns on Instagram.

Mentions are a much more reliable way now to get customers to connect with your brand as it provides their @username and timestamps.

Instagram #hashtags

The Instagram #hashtag import source allows you to query public #hashtags on the Instagram platform. There are limitations to this particular source that you should be aware of:

  • You can query a maximum of 30 unique hashtags on behalf of an Instagram Business or Creator Account within a rolling, 7 day period. We allow you to connect multiple Business accounts which will give you increased limits if you manage multiple clients
  • For privacy reasons Instagram does not provide the @username or profile image of #hashtag images, but you can still click through to the post to see that information
  • We can import Recent #hashtags from within the last 24 hours, it is not possible to import historical data from Instagram
  • We can also import the Top #hashtags that you can see visible on the Explore page on Instagram
  • Instagram does not provide any Timestamp for #hashtag images so they will appear in the order that they are discovered based on your plans import frequency

If you are running a contest and the user uploads their media directly into your Competition/Gallery then we are able to access more information like their @username and Profile Picture which will display in the Gallery.

Your Gallery will continue to regularly import fresh media from your chosen import sources. You can also choose to enable moderation when setting up your Gallery. This will place every media item you import into a Pending queue where you can choose whether or not you want to accept them into your Gallery.