Installing or Displaying Your Gallery

There's quite a few flexible options to install your Gallery once you've completed the setup and you have some Gallery Items ready to display.

Hosted Gallery Page

This is a page that sits on the domain and will show the Gallery at all times. We also use this landing page with Share links so we can show the user their Share to vote on.

Gleam gallery without a header showing LocalSupply images

Embed On Your Site

When choosing to embed on your site, you can set a few options first. For example you can choose to completely remove the header and just embed the images if you wish.

Gleam gallery with a header for the Rainbow Serpent festival

Once you've selected your options you'll see two piece of code to embed. The first piece of code should code in your header or template.

The second piece of code embeds the Gallery on your page. So just put that where you'd like the Gallery to show. Our Gallery is responsive, so it'll scale to fit within the size of the holding page.

Install to Facebook Tab

The final option allows you to embed your Gallery inside a Facebook tab.

Gleam gallery installed on Facebook tab

Again just choose your configuration, then click the Facebook install link.

You'll can then connect your Facebook account, select the Facebook page, name your tab, choose the tab placement and instantly install the Gallery on your Facebook page.

Facebook interface showing Facebook tab install with account connected

Note that Facebook's Page Tabs feature is only available to Pages with 2000 or more followers.