Pinterest Gallery Sources

Pinterest gallery import sources

This documentation covers the Gallery Import Sources that we support from Pinterest.

Pinterest Board

With Gleam you can import images from your Pinterest boards into your Gallery. All you need to do is select Pinterest Board in the Import Tab of your Gallery setup, connect your account and select which Board you want to import Pins from.

Gleam interface showing linked Pinterest account

When you import a Pinterest Board every image in the board will be imported into your Gallery. Your Gallery will also continue to regularly import from your chosen sources so any new images you add to your Pinterest Board will be included in your Gallery.

If you enable moderation when setting up your Gallery the images from your Pinterest board will go into a Pending queue where you can choose whether or not you want to accept them into your Gallery. This is perfect if you only want to display certain images from your Board in your Gallery.

You create multiple unique Galleries for individual Boards, or you can import images from multiple Pinterest Boards into a single Gallery. And don't forget all the other import sources you can use with Gleam.

To learn more about setting up your Gallery click here, and check out the demo below to get a feel for the Gallery app.