Rewards Templates

Gleam Rewards users can use a comprehensive selection of pre-built Rewards campaign templates.

Our templates are a great way to explore what you can do with Rewards and find ready-to-launch campaigns that will help you reach your goals whatever they may be.

Choosing a Template

If you want to run a Rewards campaign using our templates, all you need to do is select New RewardStart From Template.

Using Gleam Rewards Templates

You can then browse all our templates through the list of categories. You can also search for a template using the search bar.

Gleam Rewards Template Library

A Template Isn't Available on My Plan

If you select a Rewards template that includes features that are not on your current plan, we'll show you a list of these unavailable features.

Unlocking Gleam Rewards Template

You have a few choices at this point:

  • Upgrade your plan to unlock the full template.
  • Use the template without unavailable features.
  • Try the template for free (if you don't have an active Rewards plan).

Editing a Template

Once you have chosen a template you will be taken to the Rewards setup form.

While the structure of your campaign will already be set up, there are some details we are unable to add for you.

These include:

  • Your campaign's name and description.
  • The details of your Reward.
  • Any social handles or website URLs used in the redemption methods.

You are also able to add or remove redemption methods from your campaign to align with all of your goals.

Trying Templates For Free

If you don't have an active Rewards plan, you can draft your own Rewards campaigns and keep them for up to 3 days before commiting to a subscription and launching your campaign.

To try a template, all you need to do is select the template you want to try and then choose 'Try Free For 72 Hours'.

Trying Gleam Rewards For Free

You are then able to freely edit your campaign from the template. When you save your Rewards campaign we will let you know which Rewards plan you will need to subscribe to in order to access all of the features used in your campaign and give you the option to:

  1. Subscribe to a Rewards plan to launch your campaign.
  2. Save your campaign as a draft for up to 72 hours.
Saving Trial Rewards As A Draft

Locked Drafts

After trying a Rewards template you are able to save it as a draft for up to 72 hours.

This gives you an opportunity to preview your campaign, tinker with it as much as you need, and subscribe to a Rewards plan when you're ready.

When you are ready to publicly launch your Rewards campaign all you need to do is click Subscribe Now on your Rewards campaign's Preview page and subscribe to the required plan. Your campaign will then become publicly accessible and ready for you to start promoting.

Testing Gleam Rewards With Drafts

Any locked drafts you created will appear under Draft Rewards on your Rewards listing page.

From this listing, you can:

  • Edit your campaign.
  • Subscribe to a Rewards plan.
  • Discard your draft.
Locked Draft on Rewards Listing Page

Explore Features

If you don't have an active Rewards plan, you can also build trial drafts of Rewards campaigns from scratch by selecting Explore Features on the Rewards template screen.

This allows you to try all of the amazing features Rewards has to offer and subscribe to launch your campaign as soon as you are ready.