Promote Your Eventbrite
Event With Contests

Use Gleam Competitions to boost ticket sales and encourage event participation.

Boost Ticket Sales With Contests

Drive more pre-sale Eventbrite tickets and hype for your event or festival with our high converting contests.

Over 10k Events
Promoted Using Gleam

Why Use Gleam For Your Event?

We work closely with our customers to build features that make it easy for you to deploy and scale marketing for your events ๐Ÿ‘‡

  • Boost Ticket Sales

    Integrated with Eventbrite, our widget provides a seamless ticketing experience to your users.

  • Promote Your Event

    Go beyond Eventbrite and promote your event through referrals, social media shares, and more.

  • Create Buzz

    An opportunity to create buzz, get participants excited and drive awareness before the event.

  • Event Mode For Live Entries

    Event mode allows collection of entries from the same device, so you can use Gleam at your sign in booth.

  • Encourage Event Participation

    Unlimited entry method combinations to help get attendants onboard and keep your guests engaged.

  • Grow Your Mailing List

    Easily collect emails before and during your event and export them as you need later.

  • Collect User-Generated Content

    Powerful actions allow you to collect reviews, photos, or testimonials from your guests.

  • Run Photo & Video Contests

    Collect photo & video submissions from your guests during the event to keep everyone entertained.

  • Heaps More Awesome Features

    25 supported languages, automatic fraud protection, smart notification emails and so much more.

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Integrate Gleam with Eventbrite

We build great software so you can spend less time creating awesome Eventbrite campaigns.

More Eventbrite Examples

Want to see what the widget is capable of? Here's some Facebook campaigns we prepared earlier.

Over 100+ Integrations

We integrate with more than just Eventbrite, create campaigns across a wide range of social networks.

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