• Can I Pay for All Apps?

Can I Pay for All Apps?

Last updated: May 21, 2021

You certainly can! The Package plan includes all four of our apps bundled into one subscription, giving you access to the full platform at a discounted price.


Like our individual apps, the Package Plan comes in Pro, Business & Premium tiers. When you subscribe to the Pro Package, you'll get Pro features for all of our apps.

Other benefits for subscribing to a Package plan include:

Save Money on Your Subscription

You can instantly save 40% on the cost of your subscription. Bundling our apps together gives you a 40% discount compared to buying them separately. You can further lower the cost by committing to a Yearly plan, which will give you another 20% discount.

Combine Apps for More Use Cases

You can combine our apps to build even more powerful campaigns. For example, you can combine Competitions & Galleries to build high-quality photo contests, or use Capture to announce Competitions running on your website.

Double Your Feature Limits

You can get double the limit for features like Number of Winners & Number of Repeat Actions.

Invite Team Members

Get an extra seat for a team member to manage your Gleam campaigns.

Consolidated Bill, Once a Year

Consolidate your payments into one yearly bill to save accounting time.

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