• My Charge Was Declined

My Charge Was Declined

Last updated: September 23, 2023

Gleam uses Stripe to process credit card charges, on some occasions your bank may decline the charge for a number of reasons.

My Card Was Declined

Payment declined notification

Often banks won't give us a reason as to why the card was declined, it may be possible that the charge triggered a declined or suspicious response from the bank. Some US and European banks also dislike that we are an Australian company, and occasionally flag legitimate charges as fraudulent.

What to do if this happens

You will need to call the bank to find out why they declined the charge, once they whitelist it you'll be able to retry and the payment will go through.

Why are there $0.70 charges on my card?

This is how our payment processor authorises the account can be charged. The payment will be reversed.

Insufficient Funds

If you get this type of decline then it simply means there's not enough funds in your account to facilitate the charge. You'll need to make enough funds available to proceed.

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