• What's Your Refund Policy?

What's Your Refund Policy?

Last updated: April 13, 2024

Gleam is a subscription-based service. When you upgrade to a paid plan you will continue to be charged until you downgrade your plan back to Free.

Based on our current policy, we can provide a refund on your latest charge if:

  • You have no active campaigns running
  • You have not used any paid feature within the current billing period
  • Your previous campaigns ended before your plan's renewal date

We will not refund previous month's charges, only the most recent, and we will not provide a refund if:

  • You have had an active campaign within the current billing period
  • You upgraded specifically to download or export entry & user data

For example, if you were on a monthly Competitions Pro plan ($49) and you forgot to downgrade then we will refund you $49.

Likewise, if you upgraded then realised that Gleam isn't for you we can also provide a refund granted you have no active campaigns running.


We do not currently provide any refunds for credits or Yearly subscriptions, unless you cancel within the first month without running a live campaign.

Request for a Refund

To request for a refund, send us a message on our Contact page or use our in-app Chat Support. On our contact form, be sure to enter an email address associated with your Gleam account.

How Long Do Refunds Take?

The time for a refund to make it back to your account depends on how long after the charge the refund was processed and how your credit card company handles refunds but two typical scenarios are:

  • The payment is still pending on your card, in most cases this refund happens as a reversal and the pending charge disappears
  • The payment has cleared, in this case the refund can take from 5 to 10 business days

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