• Why Isn't My Capture Showing?

Why Isn't My Capture Showing?

Last updated: December 2, 2023

If your Captures are not showing on your website, here are some common issues and troubleshoot tips.

Rule Debugger

Once you've installed Capture on your site, you can access our nifty rule debugging script from any page on your website. All you need to do is add #rule-debug to the end of any URL on your website, like this:


Gleam Capture Debugger

Common Issues for Missing Captures

  • The tracking code is not installed on your website (Use 'View Page Source' on your browser to check)
  • The Capture is not enabled from your Captures dashboard
  • The Capture was already previously triggered
  • The Capture behavioural rules are conflicting each other, e.g. a user can't be New and Returning at the same time


We recommend testing in a private/incognito browser window so that the behavioural triggers are reset.

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