• Can I Create a 'Send to Whatsapp' Action?

Can I Create a 'Send to Whatsapp' Action?

Last updated: March 30, 2021

If you would like entrants to start a conversation with you on Whatsapp, it's as easy as creating a link to your Whatsapp account.


Remember to pre-fill your Whatsapp link with a starting message for better context.

You can use the WYSIYWG editors in campaign setup to create a button like this:

Set a Whatsapp Link as an Entry Method

To use 'Send to Whatsapp' as an entry method, you need to create a Custom Action on Gleam. Paste your Whatsapp link in the description area so users can claim entries when they send you a message.


To manually verify that users have sent you a message, you can ask for their Whatsapp phone number in the verification question.

Set a Whatsapp Link in Prize Description Area

If you don't want to incentivise Whatsapp conversations for entries, you can also create a link to your Whatsapp account in the prize description area. This will allow users quick access to your business from the campaign widget.

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