• How Can I Review Entries?

How Can I Review Entries?

Last updated: December 2, 2023

To review the entries you received for your Competitions campaign, click on the Entries/Actions tab on the Competitions campaign summary.

In this report, you will see the entrant's details & the actions they have performed.

You can also perform a number of actions on this report, either in bulk or individually.

  • Invalidate: If you suspect an entrant is cheating or did not complete the action legitimately, you can manually invalidate their entry.
  • Make winner: If you are manually picking contest winners, you will use this setting to mark an entrant as the winner.
  • Delete: You can use this setting to delete test entries.

Invalid Entries

Invalid Entries on Entries/Actions Report

You might see some entries that are marked invalid along with a ! icon. These entries require your attention to be validated manually.

What Is An Invalid Entry?

We automatically flag certain entries that come across as Invalid. For example, if the action was incomplete, or if we detected suspicious activity from the user.

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