• An Action I Want Isn't Supported, What Are My Options?

An Action I Want Isn't Supported, What Are My Options?

Last updated: February 17, 2024

Gleam offers a comprehensive list of Actions that you can use in your campaigns, these include deeper integrations with other apps, businesses or services via APIs to verify information or extend functionality.

There will be cases when we don't currently support something specific you'd like to do, or don't currently integrate with a service you'd like to create an Action for.

This FAQ outlines the options available when this scenario arises:

Check Which Actions Are Currently Supported

The first thing worth doing is having a quick look at the Actions we support for the specific integration you require.


If what you're trying to achieve involves Facebook then review our Facebook Actions documentation first to see what can be configured.

Be Wary of Platform and 3rd Party Policies

You may wish to create an Action that isn't support or has been deprecated - for example Follow on Instagram.

Gleam is required to abide by the Terms of Service of the APIs that we use, in some cases when these change Actions become unavailable due to no longer being supported or permitted.

Gleam isn't responsible nor endorses doing this as you put your social accounts at risk on that platform.

Can I Add A Follow On Instagram Action?

Unfortunately, it is against Facebook's policy to incentivise Instagram Follows. Find out how else you can grow your Instagram account on the Gleam platform.

Use a Visit Action

The most common & easiest way to create an Action for an unsupported provider is to use our Visit Action.

Creating a Telegram Action

But How Do I Validate These Entries?

Since Gleam has no direct API connection to validate these entries once they are completed they will be considered Valid in your entry list.

You then have the option to:

  • Manually invalidate incomplete Actions (i.e. users that didn't join your Group)
  • Wait until you're drawing a winner and validate that the user completed the Action correctly then

Use a Custom Action

If you need further control you can create a Custom Action.

Custom Actions allow you to create many types of actions that doesn't exist natively within the Gleam interface. This option opens up millions of potential combinations for your creative mind.

Custom Actions also offer a few options to validate if the user has completed your Action.

  • I'll Know (i.e. complete right away)
  • Ask a Question
  • Tracking

Custom Action Tracking allows you to use a pixel to validate the completion of the Action. Please note that you can't use this for properties that you can't implement the Pixel on, so for example Instagram.

Use our Zapier Integration

We've been working on integrating with Zapier to make it easier for you to build Actions that aren't natively supported by us.

The current Triggers that are available are:

  • New Subscriber: This triggers when a user Subscribes to your email list via the Subscribe Action

Suggest an Integration

You can also use our contact form to get in touch with us to suggest an integration!

We keep an internal record of the number of users asking for specific integrations and use this to define our roadmap, so don't be disappointed if we can't build your integration right away.

Can I Use Your API to Validate My Own Actions?

Our API currently only supports GET requests on Gleam endpoints, but this is something we're hoping to add in future releases.

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