• Can I Customise My Campaign URL?

Can I Customise My Campaign URL?

Last updated: February 17, 2024

It is possible to customise your campaign URL by shortening it, enriching it with tracking data, or branding it before distribution. Here are some options for customising your campaign URLs:

Link Shortener

If you want to publish your campaign on social media but find that your hosted landing page link is too long, you can always use a link shorterner service such as Bitly. The shortlinks are also enriched with tracking data, which could be useful for your post-campaign analysis.


Our integration with Rebrandly allows you to customise your Viral Share links so that referrers can distribute your campaign with a branded link. Here is an example:

Rebrandly in Viral Share links

Adding Gleam as iFrame

It is possible to link to your Competition campaign on your domain, i.e. https://yourwebsite.com/competition without having to build the web page yourself.

All you have to do is mirror our hosted landing page as an iFrame under the page of your choice.

1-Click Shopify Install

If you use our Shopify integration, then you can automatically install the Gleam widget on your Shopify store with a handle of your choice. Your Gleam campaign will appear in your website as https://yourstore.com/shopify-handle.

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