• Can I Re-Pick Winners for My Campaign?

Can I Re-Pick Winners for My Campaign?

Last updated: November 26, 2023

Can I Review The Winner Before Finalising The Draw?

You can review your winners before finalising the draw. Winners will not be able to see that they've won unless you contact them, or announce them in your widget.

How To Re-Pick a Winner

  1. Go to the Winners tab

  2. Make sure you have started the Draw Winners process.

  3. Review the user's entries by clicking on the User icon.

  4. If the entries appear invalid, e.g. the user has unfollowed you, or they are no longer a newsletter subscriber, you may choose to re-pick another winner. Click on the entrant's Winner status and select Re-pick win.

Select 'Re-pick win' from the winning entry's Status column

  1. If all the entries appear valid, you may finalise the draw by making a public announcement. Additionally, you can click on the Announce winners in widget button on the Winners tab to lock in the final winners. The winner's name and profile photo will appear in your Competition widget.

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