• How Can I Promote My Competitions?

How Can I Promote My Competitions?

Last updated: September 23, 2023

We offer a number of ways to help you get more visibility on your competitions:

Competition Alerts: Users that enter your competitions have the ability to opt-in for competition notifications. Business plan users have the option to email those instantly when you publish a new contest via the promote tab. The more competitions you run the bigger this list will grow.

Embedding: We make it super simple to embed & integrate your competition on any sites you control. Depending on the prizes we typically see anywhere from 1%-5% of website visitors entering a competition (which can increase dramatically if you enable viral sharing).

Social Sharing: You can incentivize users with additional entries for sharing your competition on social networks. If the prize resonates with that users followers then you're more likely to see viral uplift.

Promotion is often the most overlooked aspect of running a successful campaign. We've written an in-depth guide on how to promote your contests.

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