• Can I Create a Campaign in Multiple Languages?

Can I Create a Campaign in Multiple Languages?

Last updated: December 3, 2023

Currently, Competition widgets display one language at a time. To run a campaign in multiple languages, you need to create separate campaigns for each language required.

How Do I Translate Or Change Widget Language?

You can change the widget's display language on the Setup tab during campaign setup.


You can quickly create multiple versions of the same campaign by using the Copy button. This will clone all your campaign configurations and actions.


If you want entrants to visit your region-specific social media profiles or websites, you can use this opportunity to diversify the links included in your actions.

There are no additional charges for running multiple Competitions at the same time.

On the Pro plan or above, you can choose from the 26 languages supported for the widget.

What if My Language is Not Supported?

On the Business plan or above, you can manually enter your own text using widget text overrides. This will give you full control over the language displayed on your widget.

Drawing Winners From Multiple Competitions

Instead of drawing a winner for each region/campaign, you can draw winners from the total pool of entrants (if it's listed in your terms), but this needs to be done manually.

First, you have to export your entry data into a .CSV file. Then, you can use a tool such as Random.org (which powers our random draws) to draw from the total number of entries.

Once you have a winner, you can manually assign it through the Actions tab in your campaign. On the Status column, you will set the drop-down menu to Make winner for the winning entry.

Learn more about drawing winners in Competitions.

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