• Can I Create an Ongoing Giveaway?

Can I Create an Ongoing Giveaway?

Last updated: June 15, 2021

Yes, you can create an ongoing Competition that spans for a few months, or even a year. You can draw winners multiple times throughout the Competition, so you don't have to end the current campaign to create a new one over and over again.


You need to archive the older entries once a random draw is done. This resets the pool of potential winners, allowing you to pick from a new pool of entrants in every draw.

How to Set Up the Competition

  1. Create a Competition
  2. Set the end date to your Competition's final end date
  3. Set the number of prizes to your total number of prizes

How to Draw a Winner

  1. Go to the Winners tab on your Competition
  2. Click on Draw Winners
  3. Enter the number of winners to draw
  4. Select a date range to limit the number of valid entries (Optional)
  5. Click on Draw
  6. Validate the winning entry. You can re-pick a winner if necessary.
  7. Click on Archive Entries, which will stop existing entries from entering the next draw


Archiving entries will stop those entries from going into the pool for your next draw, which gives every entrant a fair chance to win no matter when they enter.

Example: 52 Week Competition

Let's say you have a Competition running for an entire year with weekly prizes, plus 10 grand prizes on the final week.

In this scenario, you will have 51 weekly prizes + 10 prizes on the final draw, equivalent to 61 prizes in total.

You will set the end date for the Competition to the final draw date, which is on the 52nd week.

Each week, you can log on to Gleam and draw your winner, then archive the existing entries. This will reset the Competition pool.

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