• Why Does My Campaign Say 'Promotion Disabled'?

Why Does My Campaign Say 'Promotion Disabled'?

Last updated: September 23, 2023

We are constantly monitoring campaigns on the Gleam platform to ensure they are legitimate, fair, and safe for contestants to enter. From time to time, we may disable a promotion and ask the campaign host for verification and proof of prize fulfilment.

A campaign could be disabled for the following reasons:

  • The campaign host may be underage
  • We could not find evidence of winners being drawn & finalised in previous campaigns
  • The winners were not drawn through our platform as per our terms
  • Manually selecting winners without sufficient reason, i.e. not a skill-based promotion
  • We have evidence that fake winners are being drawn & announced
  • The campaign was created for the sole purpose of profiting from referral links and not provide value to contestants
  • The current prize has not been fulfilled
  • The campaign host does not have sufficient business income to support the value of a marketed prize (e.g. Win $1,000,000 in cash)
  • The campaign has been continuously extended to avoid giving out prizes
  • The campaign has unrealistic prize targets (e.g. someone with 500 YouTube subscribers only making the prize available when they hit 10k subscribers)
  • We were unable to find specific items in online inventories (i.e. CSGO skins) of if the campaign host is unable to provide evidence of trades done with winners
  • Prize items violate the terms of service from a third-party entity, e.g. warez or cracked software
  • Creating another Gleam account after a prior violation

What Happens When a Campaign is Disabled?

Depending on the severity of the violation, our compliance team may:

  • Ask the campaign host to provide verification for specific campaigns within 72 hours
  • Disable the account, and the campaign owner will have 72 hours to provide evidence of any outstanding violations before full suspension
  • For severe violations the account may be fully suspended without notification

If you think your campaign has been wrongly suspended, reach out to us through our contact form and include any details that might support your case.

Why Have I Received An 'Account Disabled' Email From Gleam?

To reduce the number of fraudulent campaigns, we regularly audit Gleam campaigns and temporarily disable accounts that may have violated our Terms of Use.

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