• What is a Repeat Action Limit?

What is a Repeat Action Limit?

Last updated: September 23, 2023

Repeat Action Limit refers to how many times you can repeat the same action per campaign. Here is an outline based on your plan:

Plan Monthly Yearly
Hobby - 3
Pro 5 10
Business 10 20
Premium 15 30

For example, on the Hobby plan you can use the same action up to 3 times. For the same campaign, you can create up to 3 Follow on Twitter actions for 3 separate Twitter accounts.


This feature differs from entry interval, which is the number of times a user can come back and complete the same action again.

What Are Actions?

Gleam provides a way for customers & followers to engage with your campaigns through user-generated actions. These actions are performed by the entrant as they are incentivised to earn Competition entries or unlock instant win Rewards.

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