• How To Announce Additional Entries After a Campaign Has Launched

How To Announce Additional Entries After a Campaign Has Launched

Last updated: September 23, 2023

Introducing additional entry methods after a campaign has launched can really help introduce new waves of engagement for your campaign, especially if it has received some initial attention and coverage.

Can I Edit A Current Competition?

You can modify your active Competitions to add or remove entry methods, change the campaign's end date and more.

To attract users to your campaign again, you can introduce very simple to complete methods like the Bonus or Secret Code actions. When you announce actions that have a low barrier to entry, you're likely to attract more external traffic when you're promoting. Once visitors arrive at your campaign, chances are they will interact with the existing entry methods too.

Promoting on Social Media

When you introduce new entry methods to your campaign, the easiest way to promote is by announcing them on social media:

Promoting to Contestants via Email

If you've included a Subscribe action at the beginning of your campaign, you can use your preferred email provider to send your existing contestants an email announcement.

Since you're promoting to an existing audience, you could introduce a Viral Share action so that your existing audience could refer more entrants to you.

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