• My Competition Has Finished, What Happens Next?

My Competition Has Finished, What Happens Next?

Last updated: April 20, 2024


We recommend picking your winners within 7 days of the campaign's end date. This is reflected in our default Terms & Conditions template.

You can refer to our documentation for instructions on drawing winners.

Contact The Winners

Once you have a list of winners with valid entries, you can reach out to them for prize fulfilment. This can be done in a number of ways, and it may depend on what you've outlined in your terms & conditions. Generally you would reach out to winners via email, or if they didn't provide one, through direct messaging on social media.

We recommend giving winners a 7-day grace period to claim their prize. If prizes are not claimed after that period, you can re-pick a new winner.

Tip: Prize promotion laws in the UK state that you should make reasonable attempt to contact the winners before you can re-pick a new winner. Contacting a winner once is not considered sufficient.


For privacy reasons, Gleam does not automatically contact your winners for you.

Fulfill Prizes

You'll have to make your own arrangements for shipping the prize. Here at Gleam, we fulfil our prizes through Amazon where possible for their reliability. We also recommend keeping a record of any purchase transactions and correspondences with your winners.

This could include payment receipts, shipment notices, screenshots of DMs, or email threads.

Winner Announcement

Once your winners have claimed their prizes, it's time to make a public announcement. If you're posting on social media, you can tag the winners to increase legitimacy. If your winners have received their prizes, you could even ask them to post photos of themselves unwrapping the prize to drum up excitement.


Make sure you have the winner's consent before posting their photos or social media handles in public. This should also be outlined in yout Terms & Conditions beforehand.

If you run regular campaigns, you can even build a gallery for all your past winners to prove that your campaigns are legitimate.

Previous winners gallery from iDrop News' giveaway page

'Better Luck Next Time!' Campaign

Just because the winners are taking their prizes home doesn't mean they should be the only ones who benefit from your announcement. Winner announcement emails typically get higher open rates because your contestants are eager to find out if they won. You can use this opportunity to offer a 'Better Luck Next Time!' offer so everybody wins something:

Better Luck Next Time email campaign by Tradlands clothing brand

Analyse Your Reporting

Now that all the hard work is over, it's time to find out how well your campaign performed, plus how you could improve for your next campaign.

Conversion rate: This is the number of users who entered your campaign divided by the total number of impressions. This metric gives you a general idea of how well you've aligned the prize offer with your target audience, as well as how relevant the actions were to them.

Cost per action: You can divide the cost of total prize value (plus fulfilment and marketing costs if you want) with the number of actions to work out your cost per action, or cost per engagement.

Cost per user: You can divide the cost of total prize value with the number of users to work out your cost per user, or cost per lead.

Actions: You'll see a breakdown of the Actions completed by your entrants in descending order. This report can help you identify low-converting actions or potential blocks in the flow for users.

Referrers: On the Business plan or above, you can see which referrers sent you the most valuable traffic. You could use these traffic sources to your advantage for an upcoming campaign.

Plan Your Next Competition

While Competition campaigns work perfectly well as a customer acquisition tool, many of our customers also run ongoing campaigns to retain existing customers and reward their loyal followers.

Running campaigns regularly also means that visitors will come back and check on your site more frequently.

With your new analytics in mind, why not start planning for your next campaign? What would you do differently?

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