• My Competition Has Ended, When Do I Send Prizes?

My Competition Has Ended, When Do I Send Prizes?

Last updated: April 20, 2024

Once you've drawn winners for a campaign, we recommend shipping out prizes as soon as the winners have responded with a shipping address. This is to prevent unintended disruptions from our service.

It's also good practice to notify winners once you've made the necessary arrangements. Even if the prize will take some time to arrive, you can offer peace of mind by sharing particulars such as shipping receipts or estimated arrival times with the winner.


Bear in mind that we do not contact winners for you automatically, it is up to you to let them know they have won.

My Competition Has Finished, What Happens Next?

You'll need to perform the winner draws, contact the winners, and fulfill prizes. You may also want to debrief non-winners and start a 'Better Luck Next Time!' campaign.

Why Does My Campaign Say 'Promotion Disabled'?

We are constantly monitoring campaigns on the Gleam platform to ensure they are legitimate, fair, and safe for contestants to enter. From time to time, we may disable a promotion and ask the campaign host for verification and proof of prize fulfilment.

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