• I Can't Complete Twitter Actions?

I Can't Complete Twitter Actions?

Last updated: December 2, 2023

If you're having issues claiming entries for Twitter actions, chances are your Twitter account has not been authorised for Gleam to perform actions on your behalf.

This could happen if:

  • Your Twitter handle has changed, so your linked account on Gleam is no longer the same (you can change this under the Edit tab)
  • You skipped the Twitter authorization page (it looks like this)
  • Your browser pop-up blocker is enabled

How Do I Unlink Social Media Accounts?

To unlink a social media account linked to your Gleam contestant account, click on Edit from the widget.

How Do I Link to Twitter?

Click on Connect Your Twitter Account from any Twitter action in the Gleam widget.

What Should I Do If My Login Has Expired?

Usually this means we cannot connect to your social network account anymore, so you need to reconnect them through the widget.

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