• How Do I Unlink Social Media Accounts?

How Do I Unlink Social Media Accounts?

Last updated: December 2, 2023

Gleam links your social media accounts with your email address once you authenticate them. We use your linked social media accounts to complete social media actions such as 'Follow on Twitter' or 'Check-in on Facebook'.

  1. To unlink a social media account, click on Edit from any Gleam widget.

    Edit Gleam Contestant Details

  2. This will bring up your list of linked social media accounts. Click on X for the account you wish to unlink.

    Unlink Social Accounts From Gleam


Once an account is unlinked, the associated data is completely removed from Gleam. You'll need to authenticate again to connect it to Gleam.

How Do I Recover An Existing Contestant Account?

If you lost access to a linked social network account, you can recover your Gleam contestant account through email verification.

I'm Getting A Login Loop, How Do I Fix?

You need to sign in using the same social network account that you previously connected to Gleam. The social account must also be linked to the email address you're trying to sign in with.

What Should I Do If My Email Is Already In Use?

You will need to log out of your current account and sign in using the email that is already in use. It may be connected to one of your social media accounts.

How Do I Login to My Existing Account?

You can login to an existing Gleam contestant account with a previously connected social network account.

What Should I Do If My Login Has Expired?

Usually this means we cannot connect to your social network account anymore, so you need to reconnect them through the widget.

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