• I Won a Competition, What Happens Next?

I Won a Competition, What Happens Next?

Last updated: November 26, 2023

First of all, congratulations! ๐ŸŽ‰

Depending on the terms & conditions laid out by the campaign host/sponsor, you can expect them to reach out in a few ways:

  • Email
  • Direct messaging on social media
  • Phone call

Bear in mind that some social media platforms may lower the visibility of messages from people you don't know, so it's good to check in your spam folder whenever possible.

Now would also be a good time to revisit the campaign terms to find out how long it takes for the prize to be fulfilled, how long you have to claim the prize, and if there are any taxes incurred to you as the prize winner.


If you are a Canadian resident, you may have to complete a math skill-testing question to claim your prize.

Often the campaign host would ask for your shipping address so they can proceed with fulfilment. If the prize is a digital product they may just ask for an email address.

If you are unsure about how long the prize would take to be fulfilled, always ask for a transaction slip from the campaign host so you can get an estimate for the arrival of your prize.

Haven't Heard Back from the Host?

If a reasonable amount of time has passed and you haven't been contacted by the host, try looking out for contact details in their social media profiles or from the campaign's terms & conditions.


Gleam does not automatically notify winners on behalf of the campaign host or sponsor.

Once a campaign has ended, the campaign host has the responsibility to draw, announce and contact winners on their own accord.

My Competition Has Finished, What Happens Next?

You'll need to perform the winner draws, contact the winners, and fulfill prizes. You may also want to debrief non-winners and start a 'Better Luck Next Time!' campaign.

My Competition Has Ended, When Do I Send Prizes?

To avoid unintended disruptions from our service, you should ship out prizes as soon as you have a shipping address.

However, if you have reached out to no avail, feel free to contact us and mention the campaign link.

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