• What Should I Do if My Login Has Expired?

What Should I Do if My Login Has Expired?

Last updated: December 3, 2023

Gleam uses connections with various social networks to automate and improve the experience for both entrants and owners of campaigns.

You may see a message that your login has expired in the follow circumstances:

  • You are attempting to use a social account that is not connected to the current Gleam account
  • You have revoked Gleam permissions from a specific social network
  • Your access token on a specific social network has expired
  • You may have deleted a specific social network account that was previously connected to Gleam

In order to fix this issue you will first need to navigate to the Edit screen next to your name:

On this screen you will see which social accounts are connected. Firstly, ensure that the account you are using matches the one that is connected on Gleam. If not, then you will need to switch accounts or remove the connection from Gleam and reconnect the new one.

The same goes for deleted accounts, you will need to remove the old account from the Edit tab. The next time you complete an action that uses said provider, you can link it with your new account.

How Do I Recover An Existing Contestant Account?

If you lost access to a linked social network account, you can recover your Gleam contestant account through email verification.

What Should I Do If My Email Is Already In Use?

You will need to log out of your current account and sign in using the email that is already in use. It may be connected to one of your social media accounts.

I'm Getting A Login Loop, How Do I Fix?

You need to sign in using the same social network account that you previously connected to Gleam. The social account must also be linked to the email address you're trying to sign in with.

How Do I Login to My Existing Account?

You can login to an existing Gleam contestant account with a previously connected social network account.

How Do I Unlink Social Media Accounts?

To unlink a social media account linked to your Gleam contestant account, click on Edit from the widget.

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