• Can I Award Entries for Purchases Made On My Website?

Can I Award Entries for Purchases Made On My Website?

Last updated: April 3, 2021

Paid Actions in Competitions

Gleam Competitions is typically used to run sweepstakes or giveaway campaigns, where winners are chosen at random. When there is an element of chance in your campaign, considerations such as making a purchase would result in your campaign being classified as a lottery.

Most countries have their own anti-lottery laws when it comes to prize promotions, which means you may have to either offer a free entry alternative, or remove the element of chance from your campaign if you are asking for paid actions.


To prevent violation of anti-lottery or No Purchase Necessary laws in your country of operation, we recommend you get acquainted with our No Purchase Necessary guide, and consult with a lawyer before proceeding.

Learn more about creating a paid action in Competitions →

Paid Actions in Rewards

Gleam Rewards is typically used to run instant win campaigns. While the mechanics of a Rewards campaign is fundamentally the same as Competitions, the difference is that every user in a Rewards campaign can win something the moment they complete the required number of actions.

Essentially, they could show you a proof of purchase in exchange for freebies such as a discount coupon code, an exclusive PDF guide, or some other form of digital deliverable. Gleam Rewards will help you process these actions and deliver the freebie to your users.

Since there is no element of chance involved, you can definitely reward your users with entries by making paid actions.

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