• Is Gleam Optimised for Mobile Devices?

Is Gleam Optimised for Mobile Devices?

Last updated: July 24, 2022

Yes, we do our best to ensure the Gleam experience is optimised across mobile devices.

Embedded Widget

The Competitions widget will remain responsive on mobile devices with a minimum width of 320px. When embedding the widget on your website, you have two choices for mobile users:

  • Show the embedded widget on your page as you would on a desktop
  • Show a button that takes mobile users to Gleam's mobile-optimised hosted landing page:

Take Users to Mobile Landing Page

By default, the 'Enter Competition' button is disabled for all Competitions.

You can enable this feature in the Embedded Widget Code section, which will remove the no-button class from your embed code:

Embedded Widget Code settings on Gleam Competitions

How Do I Change The Competition Widget's Width?

The Competitions widget is fully responsive, which means it will automatically adjust to the container's width.

How Do I Change The Reward Widget's Width?

The Rewards widget is fully responsive, which means it will automatically adjust to the container's width.

What if the Widget Sticks Out of the Screen?

This can happen if your responsive page has margins on either side of the widget.

For example, the widget is designed to fit perfectly into a 320px wide screen, but if you add 10px margin on either side, the widget can't reduce to 300px to accommodate.

Therefore you end up having part of the widget getting cut off due to the margin settings.

Mobile-Optimised Hosted Landing Pages

Our default Gleam hosted landing pages are fully optimised for mobile devices, this means that they will fill the width of the screen on mobiles & tablets.

Gleam campaign landing page viewed on a mobile device

Widget on Facebook Tabs

If you install the widget on a Facebook tab, bear in mind that Facebook mobile does not support tabs. We recommend using Gleam's Smart Link to redirect Facebook mobile users to your mobile-optimised hosted landing page.

Learn more about how Gleam manages smart Facebook Tab detection.

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