• What Are Actions?

What Are Actions?

Last updated: April 13, 2024

Gleam provides a way for customers & followers to engage with your campaigns through user-generated actions. These actions are performed by the entrant as they are incentivised to earn Competition entries or unlock instant win Rewards.

With our wealth of integrations, we have created a library of actions that you can choose to build into your Gleam campaign:

In addition, we also offer the option to create your own Custom Actions, which you can configure with your own user instructions & validation methods. For example, you could ask users to create an account on your platform, and you can verify their entry through custom action tracking.

Our Import Actions also allow entrants to perform actions directly on social media. For example, an entrant could reply to your Tweet for a contest entry. The entries will be imported into your campaign without requiring entrants to interact directly with the campaign widget.

Actions are also referred to as entry methods. Both terms are used interchangeably within the Gleam app.

What Is The Difference Between Entries And Actions?

For each action completed, the entrant could earn one or more entries depending on your campaign configuration.

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