• Do You Integrate with Wordpress?

Do You Integrate with Wordpress?

Last updated: April 3, 2021

Gleam Campaigns can appear on your Wordpress blog using our Wordpress plugin. You will be able to access Gleam campaigns from your blog using shortcodes.

The URL in the shortcode should match your hosted landing page URL.

[gleam url="https://gleam.io/iR0GQ/gleam-demo-competition"]Your Competition Name[/gleam]

Our Wordpress plugin is available on Wordpress.org and Wordpress.com.

Embed the Widget on Wordpress

Another option for installing the Gleam widget on your Wordpress page is to enter the embed code directly.

However, this option is only available in Wordpress.org, because Wordpress.com does not allow you to add Javascript within blog posts.


Alternatively, you can create a button or image banner in Wordpress which links to Gleam's hosted landing page. The advantage of this is that our landing page is fully optimised for your mobile readers.

Gleam Stops Working In Wordpress When I Save A Post

If you add our widget to Wordpress in HTML mode, then switch to visual mode it will strip out vital parts of the code & prevent it from working.

In order to prevent this we recommend installing the Preserved HTML Editor Markup plugin.


If you are simply previewing a post on Wordpress, it's recommended that you save it first. Otherwise the widget may only display as a text link.

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