• What to Do if Social Network I Use Doesn't Exist in the App?

What to Do if Social Network I Use Doesn't Exist in the App?

Last updated: November 25, 2023

We try our best to integrate with major social networks where possible, but don't fret if the social network you're looking for is not yet available on our platform.

What Social Networks Do You Integrate With?

See a list of Social Networks we integrate with on the Gleam platform.

Gleam uses social network accounts to increase the legitimacy and quality of your entrants, plus we leverage API connections to enhance the widget's experience, particularly with completing actions and importing content from social media.

That being said, we do provide custom actions and alternative verification methods to ensure your entrants enjoy a seamless experience.

Here are your options if a social network is not available on Gleam:

Verify a User

When a user enters a Gleam campaign for the first time, we ask for their name & email address on the widget, then link their account with any associating social media accounts when they authenticate.

If no social media account is available, it's possible for users to recover their Gleam contestant account through email verification. Once the email is verified, the user can enter your campaign and complete actions as usual.

To configure login with email:

  1. Go to the User Details tab on your campaign setup
  2. (Optional) Check Require login before actions if you want users to login before they can enter your campaign (helps reduce fraud)
  3. Set Allow Login with... to email.

Select 'email' in 'Allow Login with...'

Complete an Action

You can build your own custom actions that will send users to your preferred social network to complete the desired action. Once users have completed your action, you can validate the task through manual validation, question validation, or fire your own tracking script.

Learn more about building custom actions.

Collect User-Generated Content

If you wish to import user-generated content from your preferred social network, we offer a variety of alternatives for media collection:

  • Submit URL: Use this action for users to submit links from their social network profile
  • File Upload: Use this action for users to upload photos, videos or files directly to our platform

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