• How Do I Send Users to My Email List When Entering a Reward?

How Do I Send Users to My Email List When Entering a Reward?

Last updated: December 2, 2023

There are a few ways to collect emails from your campaign:

There are a few ways to export emails from your campaign:

  • Emails are automatically synced to your connected email provider
  • Manually export your contacts into a CSV file

Collect Emails From Subscribe Action

  1. Go to the How to redeem tab on your Rewards campaign setup

  2. Select the Subscribe to a Newsletter action.

  3. Select Add Email Integration and follow the instructions to authenticate your email provider account. If you don't connect to an email provider, you can still manually export your contacts.

Here's what the action would look like to your entrants:

Collect Emails From User Details Form

This method allows you to ask for the entrant's email before they login to complete your actions. Since this is not connected to an integration, you have to manually export emails from the Actions tab if using this method.

  1. Go to the User Details tab on your Rewards campaign setup

  2. To reduce fraud from entrants, you have the option to require login before actions for your Reward.

  3. Set Allow login with... to include email

  4. Optionally, you can award users with an entry for logging in by checking Automatic entry.

Using this method, entrants will see a login form like the one below before they can access your campaign:


Make sure you have the entrant's consent to send promotional emails. On the Business plan and above, you can do so by adding a checkbox field in the Add Custom Fields section.

Manually Export Your Mailing List

If your email provider is not supported by us, or if you're using the User Details method, you can manually export your contacts in CSV from the Actions tab of your Rewards campaign summary.

Can I Export Emails From Rewards Users?

You can export your User data through the Action tab for a specific campaign, or through the User tab for site-wide data.

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