• How Do You Handle Rewards Users Trying to Cheat?

How Do You Handle Rewards Users Trying to Cheat?

Last updated: December 10, 2023

Gleam has a number of ways to prevent fraudulent users from claiming your Rewards.

Action Validation

The Gleam platform is integrated with lots of APIs & social networks, we use these integrations to check that users have completed your actions before unlocking the reward.

As a result, you get more qualified users and peace of mind that the actions you asked for has been completed.

For example, a user can't complete a Tweet on Twitter action without Twitter letting us know via API that it's been done. Where possible, we also try to provide you links with proof of the completed action.

Fraud Protection

The Gleam platform has a series of fraud detection algorithms that protect your campaign from fake accounts, spammers, cheaters and bots. You can see more details on why we flagged down a particular entry by hovering over the ! icon.

To report a user for suspected fraudulent activity, send us an email at support@gleam.io

How Does This Affect Users?

Contestants will not be aware if their actions are marked invalid on the backend. It does not interfere with their experience on the widget.

How Do You Handle Throwaway Accounts In Rewards?

When throwaway restriction is enabled, Gleam performs an additional check that rejects Twitter profiles that do not meet our minimum quality criteria for entering campaigns.

Where Do I Report A Fraudulent Campaign?

If you suspect a campaign hosted on the Gleam platform is in violation of our terms of use, you can reach out to us at support@gleam.io.

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