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Gleam is a high growth tech startup based in Melbourne, Australia. We're completely bootstrapped and growing fast. We're looking for a talented designer to join our team and work on exciting projects that will get used by million of people.

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About The Role

This is a varied role for someone who is passionate about the UI that millions of people will use every day.

Whether it's designing backend flows to help users achieve their goals better, frontend pages that help user understand how best to use our product, or improving small parts of our Widget UI to save users time - this role has challenges across all spectrums of design and UI.

We're looking for someone who is autonomous, able to execute and bring some structure into the design of our app and also able to become part of the team - to feel responsible for the design and how certain things impact customers.

We have practically unlimited, challenging work 😎 The great thing is that we're always working to improve something, the work is valuable.

An example scenario might be that we're a lot of support emails from customers who can't figure out how to cancel their plan. Maybe it's too hidden or not well explained in the current UI.

Another example might be that campaign owners are struggling to figure out how to promote their campaigns, so what can we offer from a UI perspective to give them more help.

Your first project will likely be designing a UI kit for the app which can be re-used, we're currently using Flat-UI for this.

Some more details on the role:

  • We're paying market rates for your location (often slightly higher)
  • You can work remotely 100% of the time (unless you're in Melbourne you can work with us in the city a few days a week)
  • Get the chance to work on a very large app (200M+ requests a month)
  • All our design has been outsourced to an Agency to date, so you'll be our first in-house UI person
  • We're profitable and growing, completely bootstrapped (so not under pressure from VC's)
  • Currently transitioning between a legacy design and a new modular design
  • You won't be alone, we have a UI developer to help take your designs and implement them in a pixel perfect fashion
  • Two co-founders (Stuart and John)
  • 10+ developers working on the app (who are awesome)
  • We don't take ourselves too seriously
  • Ask for forgiveness rather than permission
  • We hate meetings, 99% of the magic happens in our chatroom
  • There is no formalities, other than execute and make users happy

Desired Experience

The ideal candidate should have 3+ years experience with designing UI for mobile or web-apps, this role is primarily focussed on web-app design so that experience is preferred. We are willing to accept less experience if you can blow us away 🕺

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