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  • Mid-Senior Full Stack Rails Developer (Position Filled)

Mid-senior Full-stack Rails dev

This position has been filled

The App

  • One main Rails app, 2 other service apps (not microservices), and some Lambda.
  • Thousands of paying customers and approximately 100 million users.
  • Current stack: Rails, Postgres, Ubuntu, Redis, AngularJS, Nginx, Puma, Elastic search, Webpack, Yarn
  • Moving towards CitusDB and Vue.js
  • CI with test coverage > 70%
  • App itself is for people to run competitions, rewards, galleries, and lead capture (name/email forms)


  • 100,000-120,000 AUD + super (or 35-40 USD/hr if going casual).
  • 140,000 AUD + super (or $60 USD/hr if going casual) if you have production access + PagerDuty responsibilities.
  • Work anywhere you like. Our team is spread across Australia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Malaysia, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Thailand, Ukraine, and the USA.
  • Arrange your time to suit you. As long as you're doing the ~35 hours a week, 'when' is up to you.
  • We encourage you to work on side projects for fun and profit.
  • Only a handful of meetings per year.
  • No us-and-them with remote workers. Everyone is remote.
  • Co-working space, if you want one.
  • Open salaries.
  • We run a yearly retreat. 2017 was Spain for 10 nights. 2018 is Thailand. If you don't want to, that's fine too.

Required skills

  • Extensive experience in Ruby.
  • Extensive experience in JavaScript.
  • Extensive experience in in CSS.
  • Proficient in *nix.


  • Writing production-ready code.
  • Ensure that your code does the right thing. You do business analysis.
  • Ensure that your code works. You do testing.
  • Ensure that you do your work. There are no project managers.

The Company/Team

  • Two co-founders based in Australia and 14 other people.
  • Mostly developers (9 of the 16) plus one designer and a few interns (who get paid).
  • Bootstrapped and profitable (i.e. no VC/runway death clock).
  • Company started 8 years ago. Current app is ~5 years old.
  • Firstly, don't be an asshole. Beyond that, you do you.
  • All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or veteran status.

Our Hiring Process (modelled on how we actually work)

  1. Exchange emails/DMs to establish suitability
  2. Group interview via IM
  3. Take-home coding test on Rails/business analysis. 8 hours maximum, paid at $35 USD/hr.
  4. Take-home coding test on JavaScript/UI/UX. 8 hours maximum, paid at $35 USD/hr.


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