accept: Accept
  account_private_error: Sorry, we cannot check private profiles
  actions: actions
  action_eventbrite_attend_event: Attend %{event} on Eventbrite
  action_eventbrite_attend_venue: Attend %{venue} on Eventbrite
  action_facebook_check_in: Check-in to %{location_name} on Facebook
  action_facebook_like: Like %{page_name} on Facebook
  action_facebook_share: Share on Facebook
  action_facebook_view_post: View %{media} on Facebook
  action_facebook_visit: Visit %{page_name} on Facebook
  action_goodreads_follow: Follow %{author_name} on Goodreads
  action_googleplus_plusone: "+1 %{page_name} on Google+"
  action_googleplus_visit: Visit %{page_name} on Google+
  action_instagram_follow: Follow %{username} on Instagram
  action_instagram_like: Like %{media} on Instagram
  action_instagram_view_post: View %{media} on Instagram
  action_instagram_visit_profile: Visit %{username} on Instagram
  action_linkedin_follow: Follow %{company_name} on LinkedIn
  action_mixer_follow: Follow %{username} on Mixer
  action_not_completed_discord_join_server: "%{username} has not joined this Channel"
  action_not_completed_error: Complete action first
  action_not_completed_twitter_follow: "@%{username} does not follow this user on
  action_not_completed_twitter_retweet: "@%{username} has not retweeted this on Twitter"
  action_not_completed_twitter_tweet: "@%{username} has not tweeted this on Twitter"
  action_pinterest_follow: Follow %{username} on Pinterest
  action_pinterest_pin: Pin Image on Pinterest
  action_pinterest_visit: Visit %{username} on Pinterest
  action_producthunt_follow: Follow @%{username} on Product Hunt
  action_producthunt_upvote: Vote for %{page_name} on Product Hunt
  action_soundcloud_follow: Follow %{username} on SoundCloud
  action_soundcloud_like: Like %{song_name} on SoundCloud
  action_soundcloud_listen: Listen to %{song_name} on SoundCloud
  action_soundcloud_repost: Repost %{song_name} on SoundCloud
  action_spotify_follow: Follow %{itemname} on Spotify
  action_spotify_presave: Pre-Save %{itemname} on Spotify
  action_spotify_save: Save %{itemname} on Spotify
  action_steam_join_group: Join %{group} on Steam
  action_steam_play_game: Play %{game} on Steam
  action_tumblr_follow: Follow %{domain} on Tumblr
  action_tumblr_like: Like a Post on Tumblr
  action_tumblr_reblog: Reblog a Post on Tumblr
  action_twitchtv_follow: Follow %{username} on Twitch.tv
  action_twitter_follow: Follow @%{username} on Twitter
  action_twitter_retweet: Retweet @%{username} on Twitter
  action_twitter_tweet: Tweet on Twitter
  action_twitter_view_post: View Tweet on Twitter
  additional_details_after: Please enter your details to complete your entry
  additional_details_first: Please complete your details to begin
  already_entered_error: Sorry, it looks like you already entered.  Please try reloading
    the page.
  auto_entry_confirm_entry: Click Here to Confirm Your Entry // Entry Confirmed -
    More Ways to Enter Below
  back: Back
  bad_location_error: Sorry, this promotion is not open to your location
  banned_description: Sorry, this promotion has been disabled
  banned_heading: Promotion disabled
  campaign_ended: Ended
  campaign_type_competition: Competition
  campaign_type_reward: Reward
  cancel: Cancel
  caption: Caption
  capture_email_label: Email
  capture_email_link_button_text: Click here
  capture_email_placeholder: Email
  capture_email_submit_button_text: Submit
  capture_name_label: Full Name
  capture_name_placeholder: Email
  challenge_heading: Prove that you are human
  cheater_error: Sorry, you're creating too many entries; try again later.
  check_connection_and_try_again: Check your connection and try again
  clock_sync_error: Sorry, our clocks seem to be out of sync.  Try again in %{seconds}
  competition_confirmation_entries_prefix: 'You have entered with the following actions:'
  competition_confirmation_opening_plural: 'Thanks for your entries into: '
  competition_confirmation_opening_singular: 'Thanks for your entry into: '
  complete_entry: Complete entry
  confirmation_bonus: 'Bonus:'
  confirmation_closing: Best of luck,
  confirmation_copyright_footer: Copyright © %{year} %{site_name}. All rights reserved.
  confirmation_daily_return: Come back each day to enter again.
  confirmation_entries_close: Entries close
  confirmation_for_times_entering: "(completed %{count} times)"
  confirmation_gallery_share_plural: 'View and share your entries using the links
  confirmation_gallery_share_singular: 'View and share your entry using the link below:'
  confirmation_greeting: Hi %{name},
  confirmation_hourly_return: Come back each hour to enter again.
  confirmation_improve_chances_plural: 'There are %{count} more entries you could
    complete which would improve your chances by %{percentage}%%:'
  confirmation_improve_chances_singular: There is one more entry you could complete
    which would improve your chances by %{percentage}%%
  confirmation_powered_by: 'Powered by '
  confirmation_remaining_link: here
  confirmation_remaining_plural: Complete Remaining %{remaining_entries} Entries
  confirmation_remaining_prefix: You can complete the remaining entries
  confirmation_remaining_singular: Complete Remaining Entry
  confirmation_share_link_name: share link
  confirmation_share_link_prefix_plural: You get %{count} extra entries for each person
    that enters via your
  confirmation_share_link_prefix_singular: You get an extra entry for each person
    that enters via your
  confirmation_subject_all_done: 'Entry confirmed: %{campaign_name} - All %{completed_entries}
    Entries Completed'
  confirmation_subject_only_one_possible: 'Entry confirmed: %{campaign_name}'
  confirmation_subject_some_done: 'Entry confirmed: %{campaign_name} - %{completed_entries}
    Entries completed, %{remaining_entries} Left to Complete'
  confirmation_unlimited_return: Come back at any time to enter again.
  confirmation_unsubscribe_link: turn them off
  confirmation_unsubscribe_prefix: Don't need these confirmation emails?  You can
  confirmation_vote_photo_caption: Get Votes from Friends
      heading: Confirmation emails on
      text: We will send you entry confirmation emails from now on.
      heading: Your unsubscribe token is working
      text: Your unsubscribe token will be converted to a real unsubscribe token when
        the confirmation is sent out to real users.  The page will be styled like
        this and contain a re-subscribe link.
      heading: Invalid link
      text: Sorry, the link you have used seems to be invalid.
      already_unsubscribed: You have already turned entry confirmation emails off.
      heading: Confirmation emails off
      now_unsubscribed: We will no longer send you entry confirmation emails.
      heading: Subscribed!
      text: You will now receive competition updates from %{site_name}.
      already_unsubscribed: You are already unsubscribed from %{site_name} competition
      heading: Unsubscribed!
      now_unsubscribed: You are now unsubscribed from %{site_name} competition updates.
      resubscribe_confirmation_link_text: Turn them back on here
      resubscribe_html: Did this accidentally? %{link}
      resubscribe_link_text: Resubscribe here
  contestant_details_confirm: Save
  contestant_details_start: Continue
  continue: Continue
  cookies_disabled_change: Sorry, you must have cookies enabled to enter.
  cookies_disabled_heading: Cookies Disabled
  cookies_disabled_new_window: Click to enter in a new window
  cookies_disabled_problem: Sorry, your browser seems to be blocking third-party cookies.
  cookies_disabled_redirect_to_parent: Click here to enter
  cookies_disabled_solution: " To continue to enter this promotion, simply:"
  copy: Copy
  copyright: "©"
  coupons_left_suffix: left
  coupon_action_reveal_hint: Click to reveal the coupon
  coupon_code: Coupon Code
  create_vote_already: You already voted on that
  create_vote_success: Vote Added
  custom_action_code_tooltip: Please enter
  custom_action_continue: Hit Continue to complete your entry
  custom_action_visit_page: 'Get an entry when you visit this page:'
  day: Day
  days: Days
  delete_vote_already: Your vote was already removed
  delete_vote_success: Vote Removed
  demand_auth: 'Sorry! We need you to verify that you are a real person. Please login
    with any of these social networks to get started:'
  demand_auth_heading: Verification Needed
  description_complete_more_plural: Just complete %{count} more actions below to unlock
    your %{reward_type}
  description_complete_more_singular: Just complete 1 more action below to unlock
    your %{reward_type}
  description_complete_one_plural: Simply complete any action below to unlock your
  description_complete_one_singular: Simply complete the action below to unlock your
  description_complete_some_plural: Simply complete any %{count} actions below to
    unlock your %{reward_type}
  description_complete_some_singular: Simply complete any action below to unlock your
  discord_join_server_cta: Join
  discord_join_server_infix: on the
  discord_join_server_prefix: Click the link below to join the
  discord_join_server_suffix: Discord Server
  discord_throwaway_error: Sorry, only verified Discord accounts are allowed
  download_app_android_heading: Android Users
  download_app_android_only: Sorry, this app is only available on Android devices
  download_app_android_text: Download our app for Android.
  download_app_ios_button_text: Available now on the AppStore
  download_app_ios_heading: iOS Users
  download_app_ios_only: Sorry, this app is only available on iOS devices
  download_app_ios_text: Download our app for iPhone/iPad.
  download_app_tooltip: Visit our App page to continue
  edit: Edit
  email: Email
  email_correction: You entered '%{entered}'.  Click 'OK' to use '%{replacement}'
  email_taken_error: email in use
  entering_as: Entering as
  entries: entries
  entries_heading: "%{count} Ways to Enter"
  entry_worth_plural: "%{count} Entries"
  entry_worth_singular: "%{count} Entry"
  eventbrite_attend_event_continue_prefix: Please register for the
  eventbrite_attend_event_continue_suffix: event on Eventbrite first
  eventbrite_attend_event_error: Sorry, we could not determine if you attended the
  eventbrite_attend_event_prefix: Attend
  eventbrite_attend_event_suffix: on Eventbrite
  eventbrite_attend_venue_continue_prefix: Sorry, only attendees of previous events
  eventbrite_attend_venue_continue_suffix: on Eventbrite are eligible
  eventbrite_attend_venue_error: Sorry, we could not determine if you attended the
  eventbrite_attend_venue_prefix: Attend
  eventbrite_attend_venue_suffix: on Eventbrite
  facebook_already_like: Already like %{facebook_page_name}?
  facebook_check_in_error: Sorry, we could not determine if you checked-in the page
  facebook_check_in_instructions: Check-in at %{name} using your mobile. You can do
    this by tagging yourself there or by clicking the Check-In button on their Facebook
  facebook_check_in_prefix: Check-in to
  facebook_check_in_suffix: on Facebook
  facebook_like_prefix: Like
  facebook_like_suffix: on Facebook
  facebook_login_to_vote: Continue with Facebook to Vote
  facebook_login_to_vote_short: Continue with Facebook
  facebook_media_choose_album: Choose an album...
  facebook_share_competition: Share this Competition on Facebook
  facebook_share_reward: Share this Reward on Facebook
  facebook_unlike_like: Un-like it and like again.
  facebook_verify_like: Verify Your Like
  facebook_verify_login: Login with Facebook
  facebook_video_album: Videos
  fallback_button_competition: Enter Competition
  fallback_button_coupon: Get Coupon
  fallback_button_download: Get Download
  fallback_button_link: Get Reward
  feed_error: Sorry, we could not access your %{service} feed
  first_name: First Name
  footer_copyright: "© %{site_name}"
  footer_powered_by_link: "/"
  footer_powered_by_text: Powered by %{app_name}
  full_name: Full Name
  gallery_embed_code_copied: Embed code copied!
  gallery_embed_code_copy: Copy embed code
  gallery_embed_code_heading: 'Embed code:'
  gallery_link_copied: Link copied!
  gallery_load_more: Load More
  gallery_most_popular: Most Popular
  gallery_most_recent: Most Recent
  gallery_no_entries: Nothing to show yet
  gallery_random: Random
  gallery_redeem_competition: Enter Competition
  gallery_redeem_reward: Redeem Reward
  gallery_vote_error: Sorry, something went wrong with your vote
  generic_confirmation_unsubscribe_link: Unsubscribe
  generic_error: Sorry, something went wrong.
  goodreads_follow_prefix: Follow
  goodreads_follow_suffix: on Goodreads
  googleplus_already_plusone: Already +1'd %{google_page_name}? Try clicking to remove
    your +1 then try again.
  googleplus_plusone_prefix: "+1"
  googleplus_plusone_suffix: on Google+
  googleplus_visit_pre_text_plural: Unlock %{count} entries for visiting the %{page_name}
    Google+ page
  googleplus_visit_pre_text_singular: Unlock an entry for visiting the %{page_name}
    Google+ page
  google_plus_error: YouTube must be connected to this Google account first
  hash_error: Sorry, your session seems to have timed out.  Would you like to reload
    it and try again?
  hour: Hour
  hours: Hours
  instagram_follow_continue_prefix: Please follow
  instagram_follow_continue_suffix: on Instagram to continue
  instagram_follow_error: Sorry, we could not determine if you followed %{username}
  instagram_follow_prefix: Follow
  instagram_follow_suffix: on Instagram
  instagram_like_continue_prefix: Please like this
  instagram_like_continue_suffix: on Instagram to continue
  instagram_like_error: Sorry, we could not determine if you liked the photo
  instagram_like_prefix: This
  instagram_like_suffix: on Instagram
  instagram_media_photo: Photo
  instagram_media_video: Video
  invalid_email_error: invalid email
  is_this_you: Is this you?
  join_mailing_list: Join the %{site_name} mailing list (required)
  just_missed_error: Sorry, you just missed out on your %{reward_description}
  last_name: Last Name
  leaderboard_entries_worth_plural: This user has %{count} entries
  leaderboard_entries_worth_singular: This user has %{count} entry
  leaderboard_title: Leaderboard
  linkedin_follow_prefix: 'Follow '
  linkedin_follow_suffix: on LinkedIn
  loading: Loading...
  logged_in_error: Sorry, you do not seem to be logged in
  login_already_used: has already been used to log in to %{app_name}.
  login_blocks_prefix: Login with
  login_close_window: Close this window or hit 'Back' to continue.
  login_complete: Login Complete
  login_expired_error: Sorry, your %{provider} login has expired.  Please try again.
  login_linked_account: 'Please login to your linked account:'
  login_one_first: 'To begin, please login:'
  login_other_heading: Login to your existing account
  login_using: Log in using...
  login_with: 'Login with:'
  logout: Logout
  media_choose_source: Choose where to upload your media from
  media_object_photo: Photo
  media_object_post: Post
  media_object_video: Video
  minimum_age_message: You must be at least %{age} years of age
  minute: Minute
  minutes: Minutes
  mixer_follow_prefix: Follow
  mixer_follow_suffix: on Mixer.com
  mixer_self_subscribe_error: Sorry, you cannot subscribe to your own channel
  mixer_subscribe_error: Sorry, we could not determine if you were subscribed to %{username}
  mixer_subscribe_prefix: Sorry, only subscribers of
  mixer_subscribe_suffix: are eligible.
  none_images: Sorry, we can't seem to find any images in your account yet. Why not
    add one then try again?
  none_tagged: Sorry, we could not find any media tagged
  none_tracks: Sorry, we can't seem to find any tracks in your account yet. Why not
    add one then try again?
  notify_facebook: Like us on Facebook for updates (optional)
  notify_other: Notify me of other %{site_name} Competitions
  not_found_error: Sorry, this resource does not seem to exist
  not_unique_error: Sorry, you have already used that
  no_steam_profile_error: Sorry, you must setup your Steam Community profile
  optional_suffix: "(optional)"
  per_day: per day
  per_hour: per hour
  per_week: per week
  pinterest_board_then_enter: 'Then enter the URL of your Pinterest board:'
  pinterest_follow: Follow %{username}
  pinterest_follow_first: Please use the Follow button first
  pinterest_follow_prefix: Follow
  pinterest_follow_suffix: on Pinterest
  pinterest_invalid_board: Sorry, we could not find this board.
  pinterest_invalid_username: Sorry, we could not find this user
  pinterest_pin_first: Please use the Pin it button first
  pinterest_pin_photo: Pin Photo on Pinterest
  pinterest_then_enter: 'Then enter your Pinterest username:'
  pinterest_username: 'Enter your Pinterest username:'
  placeholder_email: alice.smith@example.com
  placeholder_first_name: Alice
  placeholder_full_name: Alice Smith
  placeholder_last_name: Smith
  placeholder_pinterest_username: alice-smith
  post_button: Post
  previously_entered_entry: Sorry, you have completed this action previously
  producthunt_follow_button: Follow %{username}
  producthunt_follow_prefix: Follow
  producthunt_follow_suffix: on Product Hunt
  producthunt_follow_text_plural: Unlock %{count} entries for following @%{username}
    on Product Hunt
  producthunt_follow_text_singular: Unlock an entry for following @%{username} on
    Product Hunt
  producthunt_upvote_button: Vote for %{page_name}
  producthunt_upvote_prefix: Vote for
  producthunt_upvote_suffix: on Product Hunt
  producthunt_upvote_text_plural: Unlock %{count} entries for voting for %{page_name}
    on Product Hunt
  producthunt_upvote_text_singular: Unlock an entry for voting for %{page_name} on
    Product Hunt
  promotion_draft_error: Sorry, this promotion is in draft mode
  promotion_email_closing: Best of luck,
  promotion_email_competition: 'is running a new competition:'
  promotion_email_enter_competition: Enter Competition
  promotion_email_greeting: Hi %{name},
  promotion_email_subject: New %{site_name} Competition
  promotion_email_unsubscribe_instruction: Had enough of these emails?
  promotion_email_unsubscribe_link: Unsubscribe here
  promotion_ended_error: Sorry, this promotion has ended
  promotion_ended_prefix: 'This '
  promotion_ended_suffix: " has ended"
  promotion_paused_heading: "%{campaign_type} paused"
  promotion_paused_text: This %{campaign_type} is currently paused.  Please try again
  promotion_starts_in: This promotion starts in
  reddit_visit_pre_text_plural: Unlock %{count} entries for visiting the %{subreddit}
    Reddit Subreddit
  reddit_visit_pre_text_singular: Unlock an entry for visiting the %{subreddit} Reddit
  region_denied: Sorry, this promotion is not available in your region
  rejected_error: "%{provider} said no: %{message}"
  repost_button: Repost
  required: Required
  reward_button_claim: Claim
  reward_button_download: Download
  reward_button_unlock: Unlock
  reward_confirmation_closing: Enjoy,
  reward_confirmation_entries_prefix: 'You have successfully unlocked %{campaign_name}
    with the following actions:'
  reward_confirmation_opening_plural: 'You have successfully completed all the steps
    required to unlock '
  reward_confirmation_opening_singular: 'Thanks for redeeming: '
  reward_coupon_data_prefix: 'Your coupon to redeem this Reward is below:'
  reward_description_coupon: Coupon
  reward_description_download: Download
  reward_description_link: Reward
  reward_description_redirect: Reward
  reward_details: Please enter your details
  reward_download_data_prefix: 'Your link to redeem this Reward is below:'
  reward_limit_error: You have reached the maximum amount of claims
  reward_link_data_prefix: 'Your link to redeem this Reward is below:'
  reward_redirect_data_prefix: 'Your link to redeem this Reward is below:'
  save: Save
  second: Second
  seconds: Seconds
  select_or_post_tagged: Select or post a picture tagged with
  share_competition_body: |-

    Have you entered this competition to win %{incentive} yet?

    If you refer friends you get more chances to win :)

  share_copied: Copied
  share_description_competitions_plural: 'Get %{count} extra entries for anyone that
    enters via this link:'
  share_description_competitions_singular: 'Get an extra entry for anyone that enters
    via this link:'
  share_description_rewards: Complete this action by referring friends
  share_note: 'Note: To be credited for a referral, your friends must complete at
    least one action.'
  share_reward_body: |-

  share_to: 'Share to:'
  simple_details_after: In order to contact you we need an email
  simple_details_first: In order to contact you we need an email
  snapchat_more_details: Click here if you're not sure how to use Snapcodes
  snapchat_point_camera: Point your Snapchat camera at the image below and then press
    and hold on the screen to 'snap' it.
  snapchat_then_enter: 'Then enter your Snapchat username:'
  snapchat_user_details: Follow %{username} on Snapchat
  soundcloud_follow_prefix: Follow
  soundcloud_follow_suffix: on Soundcloud
  soundcloud_like_prefix: Like
  soundcloud_like_suffix: on Soundcloud
  soundcloud_listen_prefix: Listen to
  soundcloud_listen_suffix: on Soundcloud
  soundcloud_repost_prefix: Repost
  soundcloud_repost_suffix: on Soundcloud
  soundcloud_select_track: Select a track to continue
  soundcloud_tooltip: Please listen to the full song to continue
  spotify_follow_prefix: Follow
  spotify_follow_suffix: on Spotify
  spotify_presave_prefix: Pre-Save
  spotify_presave_suffix: on Spotify
  spotify_save_prefix: Save
  spotify_save_suffix: on Spotify
  steam_community_error: Please setup your Steam Community profile first
  steam_join_group_continue_prefix: Only people that have joined
  steam_join_group_continue_suffix: group on Steam can get this entry
  steam_join_group_error: Sorry, we could not determine if you joined the group (is
    your profile private or limited?)
  steam_join_group_prefix: Join group
  steam_join_group_suffix: on Steam
  steam_play_game_continue_hours: for %{hours} hours
  steam_play_game_continue_prefix: Only people that have played
  steam_play_game_continue_suffix: on Steam can get this entry
  steam_play_game_error: Sorry, we could not determine if you played the game
  steam_play_game_prefix: Play
  steam_play_game_privacy: Sorry, Game details are not Public on your Steam Community
  steam_play_game_suffix: on Steam
  steam_play_update_settings: Update Settings
  steam_privacy_error: Sorry, we cannot check private or limited profiles
  steam_throwaway_error: Sorry, limited Steam accounts are not allowed
  submission_not_found_error: Sorry, we cannot find your entry
  submit_url_duplicate: Duplicated URL entry
  submit_url_failing_page: URL does not lead to a proper page
  submit_url_invalid_format: URL is not valid
  submit_url_unreachable_url: Unreachable URL
  submit_url_wrong_domain: Wrong URL domain
  subscribe: Subscribe
  terms_and_conditions: Terms & Conditions
  third_party_error: Sorry, we're having trouble communicating with %{provider}. Please
    try again later.
  thousand_suffix: k
  time_left_suffix: Left
  tooltip_complete_action: Complete action above
  tooltip_complete_details: Please complete your details to continue
  tooltip_custom_action_incorrect_answer: Incorrect answer
  tooltip_custom_action_too_many_words: Too many words
  tooltip_delay_plural: Visit for %{count} more seconds
  tooltip_delay_singular: Visit for 1 more second
  tooltip_done_plural: Done! You got %{count} entries
  tooltip_done_singular: Done! You got one entry
  tooltip_double_opt_in_plural: Done! Ensure you verify your subscription for %{count}
  tooltip_double_opt_in_singular: Done! Ensure you verify your subscription for your
  tooltip_email_reward: Done! Check your email for your %{reward_type}
  tooltip_entering: Entering...
  tooltip_enter_again_in: Done! You can enter again in %{delay}
  tooltip_enter_again_now: Done! You can enter again now
  tooltip_enter_details: Complete action below
  tooltip_enter_each_day_plural: Enter each day for %{count} more entries
  tooltip_enter_each_day_singular: Enter each day for an extra entry
  tooltip_enter_each_hour_plural: Enter each hour for %{count} more entries
  tooltip_enter_each_hour_singular: Enter each hour for an extra entry
  tooltip_enter_each_week_plural: Enter each week for %{count} more entries
  tooltip_enter_each_week_singular: Enter each week for an extra entry
  tooltip_entry_limit_hit: Limit of %{count} reached
  tooltip_facebook_check_in: Sorry, we could not determine if you checked-in the page.
    Please check-in and try again.
  tooltip_facebook_visit: Click the visit button above to continue
  tooltip_googleplus_visit: Click the visit button above to continue
  tooltip_invalid_value: Incorrectly formatted code. Please check and try again.
  tooltip_more_entries_for_entry_plural: You need to complete %{count} other actions
  tooltip_more_entries_for_entry_singular: You need to complete 1 other action first
  tooltip_more_entries_to_unlock_plural: Done! Just %{count} more actions to unlock
    your %{reward_type}
  tooltip_more_entries_to_unlock_singular: Done! Just one more action to unlock your
  tooltip_optional_action: Optional
  tooltip_see_reward: Done! See your %{reward_type} above
  tooltip_sending: Sending...
  tooltip_share_for_action: Complete this action by referring friends
  tooltip_share_for_action_plural: Complete this action by referring %{count} more
  tooltip_share_for_action_singular: Complete this action by referring 1 more friend
  tooltip_share_for_entries: Refer friends for extra entries
  tooltip_share_for_entries_plural: Refer up to %{count} more friends for extra entries
  tooltip_share_for_entries_singular: Refer 1 more friend for an extra entry
  tooltip_submit_url_invalid_domain: URL is not %{domain}
  tooltip_submit_url_invalid_format: URL is not valid
  tooltip_twitter_username: Please enter a valid Twitter username to continue
  tooltip_twitter_use_button: Use Tweet button below
  tooltip_undone_entries_to_unlock_plural: Complete %{count} actions to unlock your
  tooltip_undone_entries_to_unlock_singular: Complete one action to unlock your %{reward_type}
  tooltip_undone_more_entries_to_unlock_plural: Complete %{count} more actions to
    unlock your %{reward_type}
  tooltip_undone_more_entries_to_unlock_singular: Complete one more action to unlock
    your %{reward_type}
  tooltip_visit: Visit the link above to continue
  tooltip_watch_video: Watch the video
  tooltip_worth_plural: This is worth %{count} entries
  tooltip_worth_singular: This is worth one entry
  too_long_error: Still looking for your entry - this might take some time
  total_entries: Total Entries
  tumblr_follow_prefix: Follow
  tumblr_follow_suffix: on Tumblr
  tumblr_like_post_name: This Post
  tumblr_like_prefix: "<i class='fa fa-heart' title='Like'></i>"
  tumblr_like_suffix: on Tumblr
  tumblr_reblog_blog: Blog
  tumblr_reblog_campaign_body: Post Body Text
  tumblr_reblog_campaign_note: 'Note: This will create a new post on your Tumblr blog
    with this %{campaign_type} embedded.'
  tumblr_reblog_campaign_title: Post Title
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  tumblr_reblog_suffix: on Tumblr
  twitchtv_follow_prefix: Follow
  twitchtv_follow_suffix: on Twitch.tv
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  twitchtv_self_subscribe_error: Sorry, you cannot subscribe to your own channel
  twitchtv_subscribe_error: Sorry, we could not determine if you were subscribed to
  twitchtv_subscribe_prefix: Sorry, only subscribers of
  twitchtv_subscribe_suffix: are eligible.
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  twitter_connect_help: Connect your Twitter account to verify Twitter actions in
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  twitter_or: Or
  twitter_privacy_error: Sorry, your tweets should not be protected.
  twitter_retweet_action: Retweet @%{username}
  twitter_retweet_help: 'Note: Tweets must be made from this widget to register your
  twitter_retweet_suffix: on Twitter
  twitter_throwaway_error: Sorry, throwaway Twitter accounts are not allowed.
  twitter_tweet_action: Tweet
  twitter_tweet_suffix: on Twitter
  twitter_view_post_prefix: View this
  twitter_view_post_suffix: on Twitter
  typeform_your_email: Fill in your email address as %{email} so your entry can be
  unlock_heading_plural: "<i class='fa fa-lock'></i> Unlock %{count} More Entries"
  unlock_heading_reward_plural: "<i class='fa fa-lock'></i> Unlock %{count} Other
  unlock_heading_reward_singular: "<i class='fa fa-lock'></i> Unlock Other Actions"
  unlock_heading_singular: "<i class='fa fa-lock'></i> Unlock a Bonus Entry"
  unlock_text: Complete the above %{value} to unlock the rest!
  until_open_suffix: Until Open
  uploading: Uploading...
  upload_complete: Upload Complete!  Click 'Continue' to complete your entry.
  upload_complete_caption: Upload Complete!  Add a Caption to complete your entry.
  upload_error: Sorry, your upload failed.  Please try again
  upload_file: Upload File...
  upload_filetype_error: Sorry, you can only upload %{formats} files
  upload_size_error: Sorry, file size is limited to %{megabytes} MB
  username: Username
  value_bad_error: Sorry, invalid code. Please recheck.
  value_unique_error: Sorry, that code has already been used.
  visit: Visit
  votes_plural: Votes
  votes_singular: Vote
  voting_as: Voting as
  watch_video_to_end_tooltip: Please watch video to the end to continue
  winning_entries_heading: Winning Entries
  winning_entry_heading: Winning Entry
  worth: "+%{count}"
  your_entries: Your Entries
  youtube_comment_button: Leave Your Comment
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  youtube_ensure: 'Click here to ensure you are subscribed:'
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