Gleam's PS4 Pro 'Git Gud'

Ends Thursday, November 30 2017 at Midnight PST.

Win A PS4 Pro

'Git Gud', an intentional misspelling of the phrase 'get good,' is an expression used to heckle inexperienced players or newbies in online video games.

As avid fans of hard video games we're bringing you this contest of difficult proportions. Get the chance to win a PS4 Pro along with 4 of the hardest titles to date.

Titles include: Dark Souls II, Dark Souls III (Complete Edition), Bloodborne (GOTY Edition) & Nioh.

This contest is open worldwide, please be sure to read the terms and conditions before entering.

A Look into The SoulsBorne Series

Previous Winners

Announcing winners publicly is an important part of the process. We announce winners on Twitter the day after the campaign ends.

You can see the winners of the previous campaigns below 😎

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