Instant Rewards

Create unlockable rewards using millions of action combinations in minutes.

Used by 50k+ Brands

Endless Possibilities

The type of Reward determines how your incentive gets delivered to the user, then setup your actions to unlock.

  • Coupons

    Reward users with unique coupons or keys after they complete the desired actions.

  • Downloads

    Great for file downloads, music or giving users a preview of your new album.

  • Redirect

    Immediately redirect users to a new location after they redeem your reward.

Meet Our Widget

The heart and soul of your campaign, everything in a neat little package.

Embedded Rewards

Our widget can be embedded anywhere - on your landing page, your blog, inside a website popup or on our simple Hosted Landing Pages.

Retain Your Customers

Take your promotions to the next level with our Smart Popup Widget, putting promotions infront of your users as they browse your site or by clicking a call-to-action that triggers it, increasing the conversion rate exponentially.

Fire Webhooks

Trigger a request to your own endpoint when an action has been completed by a user. This allowed you to integrate your campaign with internal systems or send data to an unsupported email provider.

Over 100+ Integrations

We've built seamless integrations with hundreds of other social and marketing platforms to make it easy for you to run awesome campaigns.

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Tailored for

It doesn't matter what industry you're in, incentives work for all types of Businesses. The Rewards widget can be tailored towards any objective you might have.

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Easy Installation

Take control of your promotions and install your reward easily inside all modern CMS or E-commerce platforms without needing advanced technological knowledge.

Understand Your Customers

Make better marketing decisions by understanding which customers redeem the certain rewards, how often they engage with your competitions and which social networks or actions they enjoy most.

Start Rewarding Your Users

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