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Add your prize, choose your actions
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Drive more sales, ask users complete
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Get Feedback

Incentivize users to give you feedback
on things that matter to your business.

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Why Brands Are Moving to Gleam

Flexible Ways to Engage Users

Gleam makes it incredibly easy for you to build campaigns that help you engage your users in any way you can imagine. You could ask users to submit photos from their Instagram Feed.

Reward Brand Advocates

Once a user has engaged with you, reward them in different ways. Maybe it's an entry to win a prize or a discount coupon for their order. It's up to you.

Grow Your Metrics

Gleam aligns with your business metrics, whether it's growing your social profile, increasing your email database, driving more value for advertisers or increasing revenue. We've got it covered.

All in One Platform

We're building a unified platform for you to do more in one place. We want you to be able to engage with your users on a personal level & give them what they want. So they love you even more.

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