Just Some of Our Features

Verified Actions

Unlike other platforms we verify the entries to most social networks, this saves time & improves the quality of your competition.

Install Anywhere

Our flexible embed options make it easy to put your competition anywhere that allows you to use HTML.

1 Click Entry

Once a user registers their social accounts with Gleam they'll be able to enter your competitions in 1 click.

Millions of Entry Combinations

Use our custom entry builder to create any entry type you want, choose icons, colors & also how you want to verify that the user completed it.

Built-in Viral Sharing

Make your contest go viral Allow users to get additional entries for inviting friends on social networks..

3rd Party Integrations

We play nice with all your favourite social networks & email providers, with more being added monthly.

Restrict by Country

Restrict users from certain countries to enter your competitions, stops unwanted entries & gives your users more chance of winning.

Useful User Data

See who enters your competitions regularly & engages with your brand. Easily reach out to your key influencers via mail or social channels.

Real-time Analytics

Access real-time entry data for every competition, see timestamps, user details & invalidate the entries on the fly if something isn't right.

Smart Email Notifications

We send users their entry activity based on the last 15 minutes, with smart mechanics designed to drive more complete entries.

Notify of New Competitions

We give users the option to subscribe to future competitions, so you can send them instant notifications when a new one starts.

Multiple Ways to Pick Winners

Choose winners randomly every day or at the end of the competition, choose manual winners any time. Invalidate entries that haven't entered correctly, you have full control.

Compare Plans & Features

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Make Your Contests Look & Feel Great

Whether you're Blogger or a large brand we understand the importance of getting your contest to engage each & every entrant.

Gleam provides a seamless experience across devices & platforms that not only looks great, but allows you to syndicate your contest in a way that fits the image of your brand perfectly.

You can send visitors to a Gleam hosted landing page, embed your competition in your own site (or Facebook page) or run your competition in a button across all your pages. You choose how you want visitors to engage.

Did we mention that it only takes 5 minutes to setup?

Beautifully Designed

Our competition entry form is beautifully designed to provide the best possible experience.

Carefully engineered to drive the most amount of real activity from users, with the smallest possible footprint.

Embed in Multiple Ways

You can choose to embed our competition form into any HTML page, but that's not all.

Run the competition across all pages on your site with our custom designed tabs, or drive traffic to a landing page on the Gleam domain. It's completely up to you.

Custom Tracking

Use our API to send us triggers when a user completes a specific action.

You can then use that action in your campaigns to reward the user, for example creating an account or viewing a specific piece of content.

Growing List Of Supported Social Networks

Easily Syndicate Your Competitions

If you're a brand or a blogger, the power in syndicating competitions across multiple properties is incredible. We make it super easy, setup your competition then share the embed code with your partners.

Brands can use Gleam to setup their competition & choose exactly how they want it to be displayed across partner websites. This means that you can ensure users have a consistent experience with all of your contests - rather than them appearing across different platforms.

Engage With Your Users

Build a valuable database of regular entrants that are connected to you across multiple channels.

Which ones are driving the most activity across social networks & defined entry methods? We help you use this data to shape your future campaigns.

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