Facebook App Integration

Facebook App intergration, setup instructions for Gleam

Gleam allows you to create your own Facebook App then integrate it with our Viral Share action type. This means that when users use the Viral Share to share anything on Facebook, they will go via your app & see your app details (rather than Gleam).

Create an App

Go to Facebook Developers (https://developers.facebook.com) > Apps > Add New App

Facebook developers app showing add new app

You'll want to select Website, fill in you App Name, then select Skip Quick Start.

App Settings

In order for the share to work you must then go to Settings:

  • App Domains: gleam.io
  • Add Platform > Website
  • Site URL: https://www.yourwebsite.com
  • Add Platform > Page Tab
  • Secure Page Tab URL: https://gleam.io/facebook-tab
Facebook developers app showing settings

Turn Your App On

Your custom app won't work if you don't turn it on. You can do this from the Status & Review section.

Facebook developers app showing Gleam share on

App Details

It is also recommended to add a 16x16 App icon, as this is what users will see in the share box.

Gleam Setup

Once you've completed the above you just need to enter your App ID in Settings > Integrations for your site.

Gleam interface showing facebook toggled on

Share View

Once you have your sharing app setup, you'll start to see the share icon appear when users try to share a Viral action type on Facebook. When users click on the name of the App, they'll get taken to the Site URL you have setup.

Facebook share view

Once they share on their personal timeline you'll notice that the App Name is now different (in this case "Gleam Share Demo"). When users click on this they'll get taken to the URL or website that you have setup.

Gleam interface showing facebook toggled on