Telegram Integration

Telegram Integration for

Gleam integrates with Telegram so you can create your own bots for verifying Telegram-related entries.

Telegram integration is available on the Business plan & above.

Integrating Telegram

Simply navigate to Site Settings > Integrations then turn on Telegram.

Telegram API Token field in Integrations Tab

You will need your API Token which can be found when you create a new Telegram bot using BotFather.

Create a Telegram Bot

To create a Telegram bot, send BotFather a message on Telegram. Enter start to show a list of commands available.

Alternatively, enter /newbot and follow BotFather's instructions for naming the bot:

Create /newbot on Telegram chat interface by sending BotFather a message

When you're done, BotFather will give you an API token which you can enter into Gleam to connect the integration:

New bot created message from BotFather on Telegram interface

If you wish to access your API token in a new session, you can enter /mybots to bring up the Bot management menu:

Bot management menu from BotFather chat on Telegram interface

Verifying Entries with Telegram

Once your Telegram integration is enabled, you can use your bot to perform action tracking for Join a Channel/Group on Telegram action.

The bot will check if an entrant has joined the specified Channel or Group on Telegram before awarding entries.

No bot configuration is required. The tracking should work as long as Telegram integration is enabled.

Join Telegram Channel/Group action on Gleam interface

When setting up a Competitions or Rewards campaign, you have the option to set up a campaign-specific Telegram integration instead of using the site-wide integration.

Join Telegram Channel/Group action with custom integration on Gleam interface

This is helpful for larger campaigns where using one Telegram bot to verify entries across multiple campaigns might hit Telegram's API rate limit.