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All Competitions Come With

3 Flexible Installation Options

Take control of your contests, embed it wherever you want.

When you run a competition you shouldn't be worrying about where you can embed it, or be limited to a Facebook tab.

Gleam gives you the freedom to run your contest on your terms, meeting your specific needs with our extremely flexible installation options.

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Hosted Landing Page

Every contest gets its very own landing page hosted on the Gleam domain, it's perfectly mobile optimised & converts traffic at over 30%.

Embed in Page

If you want more flexibility to run your contest on your own site, or with a selection of partners you can easily embed it in any page that accepts HTML.

Facebook App

Create whatever reward type you want with our link option, simply redirect the user to your desired page after they complete the actions you want.

Verified Entries

We automatically validate successful entries.

We pride ourselves on data accuracy & building features that make your life easier.

All our plans have verified entries enabled by default. This means that we check via API's (where possible) to ensure that a user has successfully completed an entry.

How does this help you?

This means that you no longer have to check & double check entries to see if they have actually entered correctly or followed you on a social network.

Millions of Entry Combinations

Gleam is built in a modular way that allows you to simply drag & drop any of our supported actions into your campaign in seconds.

You could ask people to Like your Facebook page, Tweet something on Twitter, Follow you on Instagram or even submit a photo from Instagram or Facebook. The limits of Gleam are completely up to your own creativity.

We currently support actions from the following social networks:










Where possible we use API's to automatically verify that a user has completed a social action, this; means you can be confident that users are not awarded entries until they complete the required entry.

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Advanced Fraud Detection

Don't worry about cheaters, just focus on running an awesome campaign.

On all plans Gleam offers the ability to detect users that are attempting to cheat in your contests.

These actions get automatically invalidated against a set of rules that are constantly changing & improving.

What does this mean for you?

This means that you can easily run a fair contest & be safe knowing that if any users go to great lengths to cheat the system you can catch them automatically.

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Grow Users Virally

Every entrant gets a unique viral link to share with their friends.

With the click of a button you can add a simple yet effective viral action to your contests. This enables entrants to share a special link on social networks or with their friends to get extra entries.

The users get entries when someone also successfully enters via their link & you can specify how many additional enties you allocate per referral.

You also have the option to specify which share links are enabled, these allow quick sharing of the users referral link via email & on popular social networks.

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Use Your Own Bit.ly Links

Connect & use your Bit.ly account with viral sharing links.

On the free plan you can enable our Bit.ly integration to automatically shorten all viral referral links for users (so they don't see the Gleam.io) domain name.

This also means that you have additional tracking inside Bit.ly so you can see which links are the most popular.

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Smart Email Notifications

Let your users know when they've entered plus drive higher conversion rates with smart messaging.

Whenever a user enters one of your contests we send them a helpful email that rolls up all their activity from the last 10 minutes. Our smart entry emails gives the user a visual cue that their entries were accepted.

The emails are also designed to drive more actions per user, letting them know what percentage of the total actions they have completed (and how much they can increase their chances by).

The emails also provide lots of useful reference information:

  • Competition name
  • Completed / Non-completed actions
  • Competition end date
  • Viral referral links

Display Winners in Widget

Randomly pick your winners then showoff who won inside the widget.

Showoff the winners of your contests inside the widget or entry form after you've completed your random draw.

This feature is particularly useful for Bloggers whose readers will often check previous contests to see if they've won.

More On Drawing Winners

Mobile Optimised

Give users on mobile devices the best possible experience.

Build a valuable database of users that are connected to you across multiple channels.

We show you which users redeem the most rewards, plus if you use any of our other products you can see how often they enter your competitions or provide critical business feedback.

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