How Do I Deal With People Cheating?

Gleam has a number of ways to protect you from users cheating in your competitions. We have worked hard to ensure that this process should involve as little manual intervention as possible, however it depends on how thorough you want to be in checking entries.

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Once you pick a winner you'll be able to see all of the information and details about that user and their entries. This will allow you to do a final validation of their entries before awarding the win or deciding to repick.


On Pro and above you can access all entry data and validate or investigate entries prior to drawing winners.

The Block User feature is available on all paid plans, and it's applied at the Site level, which means blocked users cannot access Competitions or Rewards belonging to the same Site.

You can find this option on the Actions / Entries tab, or the Users tab for all campaigns.

Gleam integrates with a lot of different API's, we use these API's to validate that entrants have in fact completed what you have asked.

For example, a user can't complete a Tweet on Twitter without Twitter letting us know via the API it's successfully been done. Where possible, we also try to provide you URLs and links to the completed action in your Actions list (in-case you need to verify).

There's cases where this isn't always possible too, for example with the Twitter Web Intent box - it can tell us that an entrant Tweeted, but for security reasons won't give us the URL of the Tweet. So we know it has been done, just not exactly what the exact Tweet is.

Quite often users may delete one of their entries after completion. Unfortunately this isn't something we track, however it's an easy thing to manage.

You only really need to check valid entries when you are picking a Winner. Simply click the User icon next to the Globe icon and you can review all other entries from that winner (to ensure they've completed everything you asked).

Contestant details in Gleam Competitions

If anything seems out of order you can revoke the win, invalidate the entries then repick another Winner.

Entry log for a specific Contestant in Gleam Competitions

If you choose a winner but then realize that their entry is invalid for any reason you can invalidate & repick another winner. This is useful if perhaps you asked users to complete a certain task & they didn't complete it, or if the user subscribed to a mailing list but has unsubscribed when you checked again.

We use a number of techniques to detect fraudulent behavior, this happens in real-time within ~5 minutes of an entry being received. This protection ensures that you will see reduced entry manipulation, plus you will not see those emails getting carried through to your 3rd party mailing lists.

If an action has been invalidated you will see the reason why in your actions list:

A Contestant with an invalid email address in Gleam Competitions

You will see the invalidated number of actions in the email we send you when the contest is over, you will also see them highlighted on the Reporting tab of your contest:

Note: x entries were invalidated due to suspicion of cheating.

We've been working on this for over a year now. It's been designed to be as non-intrusive for the end users as possible, whilst protecting your campaigns from spam (and saving you time).

The widget also has mechanisms in place to require extra layers of validation from users, if say for example lots of people are all entering from the same office at once.

Users will not be aware if their actions are in invalid in the backend, they will still see that they have the full number of credited entries.

Invalid actions do not count towards your reporting on the Reporting tab.

Warning for invalid actions in a Gleam Competitions campaign report

You are shown exactly how many actions have automatically be flagged, then given the chance to manually review them yourself.

We often get this particular question, and it relates to the privacy of our entrants.

Gleam is a free platform that allows anyone to collect data from their campaigns and attribute it to an email address. IPs on their own aren't dangerous, but once you start showing IP addresses that are linked to identifiable user data they can be used maliciously. At Gleam we are very serious about protecting the data of our customers, but also the data of the entrants that enter competitions too.

We still provide a robust way to filter entries from the same IP address (without exposing the actual IP). Simply click the Globe icon next to any action and you'll see a comprehensive list of all other actions completed under that IP address. It'll even show actions that we've already marked as invalid.

Contestant details in Gleam Competitions Entry log for a Contestant in Gleam Competitions

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